March 29, 2004

Shelia Tyson

Shelia Tyson

Educational Interpreter
Scott Center


Supercalifragilesticexpealidocious! This word does not explain the great asset Ms. Shelia Tyson is to the Scott Center. Quiet as a mouse, she goes about providing a quality educational environment for the students. Always with a smile, she works with each student to make learning fun and exciting. Never with a frown, Ms. Shelia Tyson completes the mundane tasks without any reminder.

It seems she lives by the book, "Life's Little Instruction Book." Ms. Tyson puts the lessons into practice. Some of the lessons that come through here at Scott Center include # 688,--Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer and #662, --Mind your own business. The lesson that shines through in everything Ms. Tyson does is # 567,-- Remember the three Rs; Respect for self; Respect for others; Responsibility for all your actions.

Shelia Tyson is the Educational Interpreter for the Scott Center’s Transitional Class. Previously, she worked as a Direct Care Supervisor for the NMRC and as a home-based and community services worker to a former Scott Center student. She came to Scott Center highly recommended by the student's parents and the teacher of the Transition Class. Shelia is always willing to lend a helping hand wherever she’s needed. Her dedication and her ability to enhance the learning experiences of the students with whom she works has earned her the title “Employee of the Week.”

We here at Scott Center want to voice our heart felt Congratulations to Ms Tyson. We are very proud that Ms. Tyson will represent Scott Center as the Oxford School District Employee of the Week.