March 1, 2004

Louie Lamb

Louie Lamb

Director of Maintenance
Support Units

“I want to thank those in the district who selected me for this honor. I have enjoyed working in the district the past 15 years. My job is very interesting. I never know what I will be asked to fix or repair when I start each day.”


Louie Lamb joined the Oxford School District on September 26, 1988. Since that time he has been the mainstay of the maintenance department for the Oxford School District. Louie Lamb's knowledge of the inner workings of the school district's mechanical systems and school plants is invaluable. Louie provides a unique historical perspective of the district. He can tell you when and how upgrades occurred to school facilities.

Many individuals know about Louie's ability to maintain the heating and cooling systems in the district. He is also called on to serve as a carpenter, plumber, electrician, and appliance repairman. If you look around the district you will see signs that have been created and painted by Louie Lamb. The new steps in the auditorium at Oxford High School are a part of his handiwork. When special welding skills are needed to make a trolley for sets in the musical, Mr. Lamb is willing to lend a helping hand. Explain what you need and Louie can help build it.

Louie is a talented individual who is a tremendous asset to the Oxford School District. When he is not working in the district, Louie can be found playing music on his steel guitar at various benefits in the community, painting on dragsters, or spending time with his family.