May 9, 2005

Mary Ann Dillon

Mary Ann Dillon

Oxford Middle School

“Thanks so much!”


Mrs. Mary Ann Dillon's guiding principle has been that "first impressions should be favorable and lasting ones". Her willingness to assist students, parents, teachers, and all stakeholders has certainly made her an invaluable member of the Oxford Middle School team.

Mrs. Dillon's welcoming tone and calm spirit generates an aura of respect and appreciation at Oxford Middle. Her beaming disposition and bright smile makes all that come in contact with her feel valued and appreciated. Her skills as a receptionist from an observer's point of view certainly does not resemble that of a first year employee. Adjectives that describe Mrs. Dillon include: conscientious, energetic, efficient, competent, and task - oriented, inviting, and professional.

Mrs. Dillion is also characterized as one that repeatedly goes beyond what is required. She is one that possesses an authentic initiative to make things better. She volunteered to take on the role as cheer squad sponsor shortly after the school year started. Through her innovativeness she successfully revitalized and reinvented the image of the squad.

Mrs. Dillon is to be highly commended for ensuring that Oxford Middle School epitomizes and captures in essence the vision of being revered as "First in Class - The Oxford Way".