April 25, 2005

Ruth Higgonbottom

Ruth Higgonbottom

Scott Center


Peer selection determined that Ruth Higgonbottom would represent Scott Center as Employee of the Week for the week of April 25, 2005. The rationale for her selection follows:

Her pleasant and respectful attitude allows her to get along great with everyone and makes her a great person with whom to work. Hard work and dedication to the education and care of each child in her room are qualities that make her an excellent role model for others. Ruth genuinely loves children and has their best interests at heart. She especially has a way to make disabled, non-verbal children feel wonderful. You can tell by the students' smiles and squeals that they understand what she is telling them and that they also feel the love. Friendly, supportive and caring sum up Ruth's personality. We thank you for being a great "team player".

On a personal note, Ruth is a member of New Beginning M. B. Church. Her formal education includes a Masters degree from the University of Mississippi. She is the mother of three children, Terriace (age 21), X'avier (age 16) and Jairus (age 10). Ruth reports that her hobbies include arts and crafts, flowers and having fun. Her long term goal is to complete the process for teacher licensure and teach 3rd or 7th grade. We all know that all plans are achievable when a person has the type of dedication and determination exemplified by Ruth.