April 4, 2005

David Witt

David Witt

Technology Specialist
Central Office

“It is an honor to be voted Employee of the Week. I really enjoy what I do and the people I work with.”


David Witt was first employed by the Oxford School District in 1999 as a summer computer technician for Y2K compliance. In March, 2002, David accepted a position as a part-time computer technician, a position that evolved into a full-time job as computer technician and webmaster during the summer of 2003. While his time with the district has been short when compared to other employees, David has made a significant impact on the use of technology in the district.

The world of technology is constantly changing, requiring those that provide technical support to regularly adapt to new demands and requirements. David adjusts to these demands very quickly and excels at providing technical support for district employees with patience and a pleasant demeanor. District employees often compliment David on his professionalism and ability to “keep things running”.

David’s primary job responsibilities are as a computer technician and district webmaster. These responsibilities require David to provide technical support for the faculty and staff throughout the district and to implement and maintain the Oxford School District website. However, David goes well beyond these basic requirements by managing various servers and network services, by teaching district employees computer related skills such as website development, and by creating custom computer programs to meet district needs.

In addition to working full-time for the Oxford School District, David also attends classes at the University of Mississippi as a full-time student. David is currently on track to graduate with a B.S. in Computer Science in late 2006. David has plans to pursue an MBA on completion of his undergraduate degree.