August 30, 2004

Hattie Farr

Hattie Farr

Office Manager
Scott Center

“I appreciate everyone who voted for me. I have worked at Scott Center for 10 years and love it. We have some of the greatest teachers at Scott Center.”


The Scott Center is a very unique setting that requires a very unique individual to appreciate the demands. The Employee of the Week for the Scott Center is Mrs. Hattie Farr, Office Manager. Mrs. Farr works diligently to ensure that the day-to-day operations of our building are performed with a friendly and professional attitude. Staff members, students, and visitors are all welcomed each day with a bright cheerful smile. Mrs. Hattie has the ability to multitask and stay calm during crisis situations. Co-workers were quoted as saying she is "the building's foundation".

She takes care of everyone/everything and keeps everyone in line. On a daily basis, Mrs. Hattie makes a difference in some positive manner. She is easy to approach and brings that spirited success to our building by making everyone feel no task is too difficult or insignificant for her to embrace. The staff at Scott Center appreciates everything she has done and continues to do for both staff and students. She is a truly remarkable woman and deserves this recognition.