March 20, 2006

Gwendolyn Polk

Gwendolyn Polk

Teacher Assistant
Scott Center

“It is indeed an honor to be recognized by my co-workers as Employee of the Week. Working with the preschoolers is rewarding in itself. In the words of Mr. Bill Cosby, ‘Kids Say the Darnedest Things.’ I simply enjoy what I do.”


The Scott center is delighted and honored to recognize Gwendolyn Polk as the "Employee of the Week." During the 2002-2003 school term, Gwen worked as teacher assistant to Scott Center's Transitional Class. Currently she is the assistant to the Preschool Class.

Now, as then, she exemplifies what it truly means to be an "exceptional employee. her integrity, professionalism, her caring manner and attention to the needs of all Scott Center students, her calmness in a crisis, her pleasant demeanor, her willingness to assist whenever and wherever needed (whether asked or not) makes her an asset to the Scott Center and Oxford School District. She truly makes a difference.