March 6, 2006

Hiburnia Anderson

Hiburnia Anderson

Oxford Learning Center

“I would like to thank the faculty and staff of Oxford Learning Center for selecting me as Employee of the Week. I really feel that we work together well as a team at OLC.”


Competent, complimentary, efficient, diligent, and dependable are terms that come to mind when one mentions the name Ms. Hiburnia Anderson. Armed with a beaming disposition and bright smile, she makes all that come in contact with her feel good about being a part of the Oxford School District.

Ms. Anderson’s infectious and calm spirit has helped welcome and serve parents, students, and countless stakeholders in and throughout the Oxford School District for over eleven years. Her even-tempered demeanor coupled with her innate ability to multi-task and serve in diverse capacities is certainly a skill to be coveted by many.

She is perhaps best known for her enthusiastic personality and fervor for the task at hand. On a daily basis she helps ensure the efficient operation of the Learning Center. Ms. Anderson is to be highly commended for her amazing flexibility and her spirit of servitude.

We are proud to seize this opportunity to honor and recognize Ms. Hiburnia Anderson as the OLC Employee of the Week.