December 12, 2005

Olivia Lancaster

Olivia Lancaster

English Teacher
Oxford Learning Center

“I am honored to be selected by the staff at Oxford Learning Center as Employee of the Week. It is a great privilege to work with such a wonderful staff, they are like a second family. Our students are our biggest assets for a bright future and I hope that one by one I am making a positive difference in their lives.”


Ms. Lancaster is one of those employees who "wears many hats" at Oxford Learning Center. She is readily available and willing to assist whenever and wherever she is needed. She serves as one of the representatives on the Faculty Advisory Council, maintains the library and works assiduously with the local Reading Fairs.

Ms. Lancaster works diligently to tap and develop the literary genius of each one of her students through a variety of creative means. Students can be seen creating their own story boards depicting various elements of literature, Shakespeare's renowned "Globe" theater, or creating literary content from figments of their own imaginations. Ms. Lancaster’s hands on and project-based approaches to learning really appeals to students as they witness their works being actualized and come into being before their very eyes. The Oxford Learning Center’s staff and faculty are proud to honor Ms. Olivia Lancaster as its Employee of the Week.