September 26, 2005

Renee Rogers

Renee Rogers

Math Teacher
Oxford Learning Center

“I believe that all students can learn. We must make continuous efforts to reach all students. I can truly say that the OLC staff are doing just that. I would like to thank the Oxford School District for supporting my endeavors to teach.”


Mrs. Renee Rogers is a tremendous asset to the Oxford Learning Center. She is very patient and dedicated to the goal of ensuring the success of each student. Her positive and calm demeanor certainly compliments her efforts as a pedagogical entity. Her teaching and instruction is by no means limited or confined to the parameters of the classroom, she can often be seen instructing and tutoring others in the corridors, hallways, or in reading circles on the grounds.

Mrs. Rogers' commitment to the success of all of her students is perhaps most evident through her innovative approaches to learning. Her instructional methodologies include the regular integration of technology and a plethora of interactive activities that really appeal to the adolescent learner. She is certainly one who seeks to provide individualized instruction designed to meet the needs of the eclectic learners at OLC. The staff and faculty of Oxford Learning Center congratulate Mrs. Rogers for being selected as its Employee of the Week.