May 14, 2007

Barbara Wortham

Barbara Wortham

GED/WIA Instructor
Oxford Learning Center

“First, I would like to thank my colleagues for all of their support this year. I have been afforded the opportunity of a lifetime by being able to return to my hometown and influence a new generation of leaders. I am overwhelmed and honored by the awards that have been bestowed upon me this year, and I hope to continue to serve the students of this district to the best of my abilities.”


As the GED instructor at Oxford Learning Center, Mrs. Wortham is student-centered and innovative in her pedagogical approaches. She has the innate ability to reach and inspire the genre of students that have often given up on themselves and their educational pursuits. Mrs. Wortham takes a personal interest in the success of each one of her students and strives to make the content relevant and interesting. She actively seeks to inspire each individual learner to reach their optimal potential in spite of the oppositions that often confront them in the pursuit of their academic endeavors.

Mrs. Wortham's passion is evident in all that she endeavors to do. She seeks out and works diligently with community agencies to form partnerships designed to meet the diverse needs of each learner. Students are acutely aware of her consistent care and nurturing demeanor. She assumes an authentic interest in the successes and failures, the trials and triumphs that often come along with adolescents developing into productive and responsible citizens. We are proud to seize this opportunity to honor and recognize Mrs. Barbara Wortham as the Oxford Learning Center's selection for Employee of the Week.