March 19, 2007

Felicia Spearman

Felicia Spearman

Teacher Assistant
Scott Center

“I was very pleased to be thought of as the Employee of the Week. However, it was quite a pleasant surprise.”


Although she was only recently employed as an assistant in the Multi-Disabled classroom, Felicia Spearman has shown herself to be an outstanding employee.  She has worked in three of the four classrooms at Scott Center and has quickly learned the routines of each.  Teachers and students have come to appreciate her caring and thoughtful ways as well as her obvious skills.

Felicia is courteous, quiet, and unassuming.  Her professionalism, training, and expertise are evident in the exemplary work she performs daily.  Prior to joining Scott Center’s staff, she worked at North Mississippi Regional Centers nine years. She sought employment with the Oxford School District in order to be home nights with her children while continuing to work with the population she loved.