February 19, 2007

Tracy Shawn

Tracy Shawn

School Nurse
Oxford Middle School

“No encounter is by chance. Each encounter makes you grow. Take the time to really talk to people. Just listen, their smiles and tears are priceless.”


When students were invited to describe our school nurse, Tracy Shawn, some of the following characteristics were offered:  "nice, sweet, helpful, intelligent, caring, outgoing, loving, energetic, extraordinary, friendly, compassionate, talkative, a person who can relate to everything we are going through and a person who gives good advice." Nurse Shawn exemplifies these characteristics daily.  She is a student advocate who arrives to school often times before she is scheduled and comes running in case of emergencies. 

Nurse Shawn possesses a positive attitude that is contagious.  It is her smile, her deep and wide medical knowledge and concern for all people.   When students have sprained an ankle, run into another student or sustained an injury in gym or strength, she handles this with style, with confidence and with calmness.  Nurse Shawn, we tip our "cap" off to you as OMS's employee of the week; we appreciate all that you do for our students and faculty.