February 12, 2007

Katie Stewart

Katie Stewart

Day Treatment Teacher
Central Elementary School

“I'm so blessed to get to work with such wonderful, supportive people, and to be able to do what I love—TEACH!”


Katie Stewart is the perfect example of someone having the patience of Job.   Each day she encounters a wide variety of student issues in the Day Treatment program and handles each situation with a calm and steady spirit.   Her colleagues respect her job performance and admire the way she works with the students in the Day Treatment program. 

Quotes from her colleagues:

“As Day Treatment Teacher for CES, Mrs. Stewart has one of the most challenging positions in the Oxford School District. Yet, she approaches each day with a positive attitude and a smile.  She works patiently with each of her students and their individual needs without complaint.  The Oxford School District and CES is very fortunate to have her as a teacher.”

“Oh, I am so glad for her!  I respect her for her steadiness each day.”  “She does a wonderful job. I take my hat off to her for a job well done.”

Thank you, Mrs. Stewart, for your willingness and dedication in working with such a diverse student population.   You are making a difference in the lives of the students you teach.

– Name, Principal