January 22, 2007

Connie Robinson

Connie Robinson

Bramlett Elementary School

“From reading to students with their wide eyes at attention until the very end of a book, to hearing students read their first words, every day in the library is rewarding. My favorite comments are "Read it AGAIN Mrs. Robinson! Read it AGAIN!" and "Mrs. Robinson, I love the library." Creating a love for books and the library are lifelong rewards for children.”


A book could be written about the positive qualities of Bramlett Librarian Connie Robinson. Connie is a professional educator who rises above the call of duty to support students, teachers, and the office staff.

Students are Mrs. Robinson's first priority. This dedication is not limited to the library. For the past two years Mrs. Robinson has taught the Voyager reading intervention program and works daily with students to give needed support in reading. 

Mrs. Robinson also lends her constant support to teachers. She goes beyond  locating materials for curriculum units and instead, develops ideas for school wide projects and organizes events such as the Reading Fair. Mrs. Robinson also makes herself available to the teaching staff for help and training in the use of technology.

Mrs. Robinson never fails to assist the office staff.  She is always willing to add technology to staff development sessions, plan staff social activities, and promote school wide events. Her commitment to a positive school climate is commendable. 

One teacher recently wrote, "Connie Robinson is so much more than our librarian, she is a friend to our school." Thus, it is with great pride that Bramlett Elementary School recognizes Connie Robinson as Employee of the Week. Congratulations Mrs. Robinson, on a job always well done!