November 6, 2006

LaShonda Hawkins

LaShonda Hawkins

Teacher Assistant
Scott Center

“I enjoy working at the Scott Center with everyone. The job does not work me, I work the job—because I like what I do.”


LaShonda Hawkins first came to the Scott Center in 2003 for a brief period as an interpreter for a student who was deaf. Her mastery of American Sign Language proved very beneficial to that student and others. She took a brief hiatus due to a scheduling conflict. LaShonda returned to Scott Center as a Teacher Assistant in January 2004 at the prompting of the Prevocational Class' teacher.

LaShonda is quiet, easy-going, and courteous. Her love of her job and the children is always evident in her manner. She addresses the students in her care with patience and respect. LaShonda usually arrives to work before the morning duty teacher. She patiently waits for the doors to open so that she can get into the multipurpose room and set up the dining area for all students/classes. Although she is assigned to the Multi-Disabled Class, she knows exactly what students in each class require for morning feeding/dining. She is indeed an asset to the Oxford School District and the Scott Center.

– Dr. Charles Dodson, Principal