September 25, 2006

Jeffery Edge

Jeffery Edge

Resource Officer
Oxford Learning Center

“It is an honor and a privilege to be selected by my co-workers. I love my job at OLC and I love working with the teachers and students.”


Officer Jeffery Edge is a real “trooper” for the students throughout the Oxford School District. The scope of his service extends far beyond the boundaries of OLC and epitomizes what it really means to strive to protect and serve. This is most evident through his daily routines which include, but by no means are limited to: mentoring, assisting, advising, encouraging, and the maintaining of a watchful eye. The staff describes him as one who is very supportive, hardworking, and always willing to help the students and staff of OLC in anyway that he can. He is consistency doing things that go beyond his call of duty and job description.

In his brief four-year tenure with the district he has primarily served as the Resource Officer for the Oxford Learning Center. However, his impact can be witnessed and felt throughout the district, whether it is protecting and serving our children via directing traffic at Bramlett or Oxford Elementary, calming and reassuring a child frightened about attending school for the first time, teaching DARE classes, or making presentations to parents and stakeholders about internet safety and child safety. The faculty and staff members of Oxford Learning Center are immensely grateful and honored to have Officer Jeffery Edge as their Employee of the Week selection.