February 25, 2008

Beth Baggett

Beth Baggett

Oxford High School

“I enjoy being here; what I do is a lot of fun.”


Her passion for numbers is equaled only by her passion for life.

Beth Baggett, OHS Bookkeeper, is this week's employee of the week. Her duties as bookkeeper include keeping track of the school's budget and distributing EEF money, but she does so much more than only her "required" duties. Baggett handles student IDs, changes the sign in front of the school, and collects student fees and fines. She is a common sight at sporting events as she cheers for her Chargers, win or lose.

Baggett began working at OHS twelve years ago after two years working as a teacher's assistant at Bramlett Elementary School. According to Baggett, Britt Dickens requested that she move to OHS with him when he became principal of the high school.

"I was in my second year at Bramlett, and he asked me to come with him (to OHS) because he knew I had a background in bookkeeping," Baggett said. While her job title may be bookkeeper, Baggett said her favorite part of the job is being around high school students.

– Bill Hovious, Principal