December 3, 2007

Billy Hutchins

Billy Hutchins

Oxford High School

“I enjoy my job. I enjoy doing what I'm doing.”


Billy Hutchins enjoys his daily routine at Oxford High School. His job as custodian takes him throughout the school, from the halls to the gym, and to his favorite places at OHS… the classrooms.

“I enjoy making sure the classrooms are clean for the kids,” Hutchins said.

His hours keep him at the school late into the evenings, which Principal Bill Hovious said has a hidden benefit. “I feel better about students and teachers being in the building after hours knowing that Billy is around,” Hovious said.

Even though Hutchins said he can get more done when students are not at the school in the evenings, he does like his time during school hours, getting to know students and teachers as he goes about his routine with his dust mop, trash can, and cleaning gear.

Assistant Principal Ulysses Howell recognizes the value of Hutchins' role at OHS. "It takes a lot of people to make an organization run right, and Billy's a vital part of the team," Howell said.

– Bill Hovious, Principal and Ulysses Howell, Assistant Principal