November 5, 2007

Katherine Enright

Katherine Enright

Preschool Developmentally Delayed Teacher
Scott Center

“I am honored to have been selected by my fellow co-workers.”


Katherine Enright is currently completing her first year as teacher of the Developmentally Delayed class at the Scott Center. Her peers have consistently characterized her as a hard worker that really cares about her students. She not only works hard, but she also works well and collaboratively for the good of all of her students.

Her skills certainly do not resemble those of a first year teacher. Her calm demeanor and passion for the task at hand has served to catapult her as not only a teacher of students, but also as a friend of parents who sometimes encounter struggles that are foreign to many.

The Scott Center faculty and staff are proud to have Katherine Enright serve as its Employee of the Week selection.

– Dr. Charles Dodson, Principal