September 24, 2007

Roger Burton

Roger Burton

Social Studies Teacher
Oxford Learning Center

“I am elated to be selected Employee of the Week. I would like to thank all my fellow employees for selecting me and I am very proud to represent the Oxford Learning Center in this distinguishable honor.”


Roger Burton is currently completing his fourth year as social studies teacher at the Oxford Learning Center. Roger is characterized by his peers as a team player that has a way of getting the most challenging of students to respond favorably. Roger is also noted as one who does an exceptional job of maintaining discipline in the instructional setting by encouraging students to be on their best behavior at all times and to put forward their best effort in their academic endeavors.

Roger's inspiration is by no means confined to the parameters of the classroom setting exclusively; he also serves as an inspiration to students on the field as well. In addition to fulfilling his academic and pedagogical responsibilities at Oxford Learning Center, Roger also serves as the defensive coach for the Oxford High School ninth grade football team and as an assistant coach with the Oxford High School varsity football team.

The faculty and staff members of Oxford Learning Center are immensely grateful and honored to have Roger Burton as their Employee of the Week selection.

– Dr. Charles Dodson, Principal