Summer 2020 and Other Important Dates

Summer 2020 and Other Important Dates

~ June 1st-14th Acclimatization will be held at OMS on the practice field.
~Summer practices will be held in room G205 located upstairs in the OHS Gym.
~Tryouts will be held in room G205 located upstairs in the OHS Gym

What you will need in order to attend any summer practices and tryouts:

  • You must have a physical on file to participate in summer practices and tryouts. All physicals dated on or after 4/2019 are valid until May 31, 2021. If you do not have one… go get one, and place it in my hand prior to practice.
  • OSD is providing FREE PHYSICALS on June 1st in the gym at OHS from 2-5.
  • Must be a registered OSD student.
  • Must have filled out the online application for OHS Dance Tryouts located on our social media accounts.
  • Must have filled out the ‘Activities Sign Up Form’ located on the OSD Website.
  • You Must have your DragonFly account completed and up to date for the 2020-21 year.


1) Acclimatization Sessions are Finished and were a Success!!

2) Optional Summer Skills/Technique practices:

We Start Tuesday, June 16th!!

June 16th-18th

June 23rd-25th

July 7th-9th

July 14th-16th

July 28th-30th

*Practices on Tuesdays will be held on the practice field at OHS. Wednesday and Thursday practices will be held in our Dance Room, G205.

*Conditioning Practices on Tuesdays will be Both Groups at 9:00am-10:30am out in the field.

*Technique/Choreography Practices on Wednesday and Thursday will be Blue Group 9:00am-10:30am and Gold Group 10:30am-12:00pm in Dance Room, G205.

We will follow the same check-in process we did for the first round of practices:

~Temperature check at the door, answer the given questions, sanitize your hands. YOU MUST WEAR YOUR MASK DURING THIS  ENTIRE PROCESS. If you need to use the restroom, this is the time! You may only use the restroom in the gym lobby. You will go up the stairs by the elevator to get to our room. Do not cross the gym floor at any time.

~Come dressed for practice as there will be no access to a locker room/changing room. 

~The room will be sanitized before each group enters and AGAIN after the final group leaves.

~No personal items in the dance room. There are 'X's' outside the dance room, 6 feet apart, where you can each place your personal items (keys, shoes, phone, mask, etc). ONLY YOU AND YOUR WATER WILL ENTER THE ROOM! There will be no place to refill water, so bring enough!

~There are 'X's' inside the dance room, 6 feet apart, where you will stand. That is your dance space!!

~After your practice is over you will sanitize your hands again and exit the Gym through the doors on the backside of the gym. Do not cross the gym floor at anytime.

~Do not 'hang out' in groups in the parking lot waiting for a ride. Practice our social distancing rules we have set in place, At All Times!


*Times and dates can change at any time, so be patient with the process!

*If you or anyone in your home are having symptoms of Covid-19, Do Not Come. Or if you've been in contact with anyone with symptoms or with anyone who has been diagnosed with Covid-19, Do Not Come.

*None of these practices are required. Come if you want! Stay home if you want! 

*This is a learning process for all of us as we maneuver through this new way of practicing, so having patience is important!

*Have fun!!


Blue Group:                   

Megan          Graham               

Caroline Mc   Hannah

Layton          Mae

Audrey          Kai

Katie             Keira

Zoe               Madison

Amanda         Caroline I.

Gold Group:

Karen            Caroline B.

Claire            Kaitlyn

Maddie          Sneha

Avery            Georgia

Mattie            Eliza

Jena              Aubrey

Gracie            Lilly Grace

*Please let me know if you will be missing this summer for trips, work, sick, etc! Send me an email so I can keep track! 


*Tryouts are still set for August 3-4 in Rm 205 located in the OHS Gym. These dates are subject to change.

*More information regarding times and the tryout process to come.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at or by phone (818) 926-6171.