Acclimatization Work Outs Week 1 June 1-5

This will outline our plan for the next two weeks as we look to transition back to athletic training in the district. 

We will spend the next two weeks in an acclimatization period. Next week we are scheduled to have 3 days of acclimization training--MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY from 7:30-8:30am.  Coach Wilfawn and Justin have developed outdoor workouts for the Oxford School District athletes. These workouts will be lead by Breanna, Macon and myself and based off of the sign up we will have 1 group.  Coach Wilfawn and Justin will be on site in case we have anyone that is struggling or needs assistance. 
I have attached the map for you to view.  We will be checking in at the bottom of the hill below the softball field, doing our workout on softball field, and then checking out at the bottom of the hill again. If you are late and miss the check in time then you will not be allowed to train on that day. It is better to be early for drop off and pickup and wait in your car until check in time. 
We have been told that if  there are any deliberate violations of social distancing guidelines then there will be a 30 day suspension of activities for our group and possibly all OSD ATHLETES. The girls need to familiarize themselves with the information below as we will strictly enforce all of these guidelines. 
When athletes check in they will follow the guidelines below. 

The following procedures will be in place for summer activities until further notice.

  1. All students are expected to maintain 6-foot social distancing at all times, until further notice.

  2. Students should arrive on time for practice and leave on time when practice concludes. Students who arrive after their scheduled time will not be allowed to participate. Students who arrive early should wait in their car until their designated time. Parents will not be allowed to exit the vehicle when they drop off their child.

  3. Students will join the socially distanced check in line assigned to their team upon arrival.

  4. All students will have their temperature checked and complete a screening questionnaire on a daily basis.

  5. Students are required to wear a mask during the check in procedure and up until the time their practice session begins. Students are not required to wear a mask while practicing.

  6. Students are expected to arrive dressed and ready for practice sessions. There will be no access to dressing rooms.

  7. Because there will be no access to dressing rooms, students are encouraged to leave all valuables, including cell phones, at home or in their vehicles.

  8. Students should bring their own water bottle clearly labeled with their name for practices.

  9. There will be no lingering in groups allowed after practices are completed.

If you are participating in a fall sport such as volleyball, cross country, or swim then you will do your acclimatization with those teams and will need to contact those coaches for your times.
Also please note that if anyone comes to check in and they have a temperature of 100.4 then they will be sent home. 
After the two week acclimatization period we will transition to our soccer workouts at OHS. More information as we get closer to date and guidelines change. 
Excited to get everyone back on the field. See you next week