February 18, 2013

Randy Taylor

Randy Taylor

Science Teacher
Oxford Learning Center

“I am surprised and honored to be chosen. However, I don't feel that I deserve the honor because we all work as a team at OLC. I am just a small reflection of the many successes that our staff place in the lives of our students on a daily basis, whether it is through academics, character improvements, or through long-term goal planning.”


Mr. Randy Taylor was recently recognized as the Oxford Learning Center's Teacher of the Year. To his amazement, he has also been chosen as the OLC Employee of the Week by his peers. Mr. Taylor is currently completing his second year as the science teacher at the Oxford Learning Center. Mr. Taylor is characterized by his peers as one who possesses a deep passion for ensuring that his students make good choices, since the choices that students make today will affect their future lives and livelihoods tomorrow. Mr. Taylor is also noted as one who does an exceptional job of maintaining a smile and calm demeanor in spite of challenging circumstances and situations. Students openly offer comments relative to how they thoroughly enjoy the colorful PowerPoint presentations and in-depth discussions that occur in his class relative to science content. It is with great enthusiasm that we recognize Mr. Randy Taylor as the Employee of the Week representative for the Oxford Learning Center.

– Dr. Charles Dodson, Principal