December 10, 2012

Kataria Webb

Kataria Webb

Cafeteria Employee
Food Services

“Our children are the future, and how they are treated as children influences who they will become as adults. I’m grateful to be a part of Oxford Middle School, where everybody is somebody!”


I would like to select Kataria Webb as employee of the week.  Ms. Webb came highly recommended to us by one the greatest educators in our district.  She was hired as a full-time employee January of 2012.  She has more than exceeded her recommendation. 

I would describe Ms. Webb as hard working,  dependable and  very professional.  Her co-workers, staff and most of all, the students love her uplifting spirit.  She greets the young ladies with, “Good morning, pretty girl,” and the young men with, “Good morning, handsome,” then follows it all with, “Have a good day, baby.”  

A parent came by and told me how much she appreciates Ms. Webb making her daughter feel good about herself each day she comes into the cafeteria.  Our goals are to provide everyone with good nutritional meals, make everyone feel welcome and to know that we appreciate them dining with us.  With Ms. Webb as the motivational part of our Nutrition Team helps make our goals more easier to achieve…

– Claudia Goliday, Cafeteria Manager