September 4, 2023

Maria Gonzalez-Davalos

Maria Gonzalez-Davalos

Art Teacher Assistant
Oxford Early Childhood Center

“I’m grateful for all of the support and patience I've received since joining this amazing team. I am very thankful for this recognition, and it makes me feel helpful.”


The Oxford School District is proud to recognize Oxford Early Childhood Center (OECC) teacher assistant Maria Gonzalez-Davalos as our Employee of the Week. Ms. Gonzalez-Davalos helps make our district a great place to work and learn.

Here’s what OECC has to say about Ms. Gonzalez-Davalos:

“Maria is the hardest worker I know and so wonderful at what she does at OECC. She is patient and kind to all the children and always goes above and beyond to help teachers and families with communication.”

“Ms. Maria goes the extra mile to help our students and teachers each day. She’s always willing to translate things for us, and she’s so kind and helpful when students need a little extra comfort.”

“Ms. Maria has been so helpful and she’s not even my assistant! She has translated things for me and also has helped one of my students be more comfortable while at school! She is a rock star! Thank you, Ms. Maria!”

“Maria is the sweetest person ever!! She loves helping others and being a bright light for all students! She helps us translate for our EL students and families. We love Ms. Maria!”

“Mrs. Maria does an amazing job here at OECC! She is always willing to help anyone who needs it. She goes above and beyond translating for some of our Spanish-speaking parents when it is needed. She is also always happy and friendly!”

“She is doing a great job in Art class. She also helps us with our Spanish-speaking students!”

“She is so supportive inside art and in all of our classrooms! Thanks, Ms. Maria!”

“Ms. Gonzalez-Davalos goes above and beyond to assist all students and staff. She’s always willing to translate, soothe students, monitor students, and be helpful in any way she can.”

“Ms. Maria goes over and beyond to help us communicate with Spanish-speaking families.”

“Ms. Maria loves all of our students and sees the best in them!”

“She is a hard worker and so kind and helpful with all of the children. She also goes above and beyond to help teachers and parents that need help with communication.”

“She is always so positive and kind to everyone! She is such a hard worker and loves and wants the best for all students! :)”

“Ms. Maria is such a huge asset. She helps not only in art and steps in where needed in all areas there, but she also helps with people around the whole building that are ELL. She helps translate when needed and she also helps the students that can’t tell how they are feeling because of the language barrier. We are thankful for Ms. Maria!”

“Maria is such a happy, joyous worker! She is always willing to help us with our non-English speaking students. She has been so valuable in getting this school year started with our Spanish population.”

Congratulations, Ms. Gonzalez-Davalos! You’re a great representative of the #ChargerNation.

Congratulations to our OSD Employee of the Week, Maria Gonzalez-Davalos, who is a teacher assistant at Oxford Early...

Posted by Oxford School District on Tuesday, September 5, 2023