September 14, 2020

Tambra Brassell

Tambra Brassell

Education Support Assistant
Central Elementary School

“I would like to take this time out to thank the Oxford School District and Central Elementary staff for choosing me for such an honorable award as Employee of the Week. I especially thank Mrs. Bigham and Mr. Stone for giving me the opportunity to work here with such a wonderful staff. I am beyond grateful that I am the recipient of this award. I appreciate everyone that took time out of their busy schedule to vote for me. I definitely enjoy working with each and every one of y’all. I have made a lot of new friends and I love it. I definitely love how we work together to provide an excellent education and environment for our students. Thank you once again!!”


The Oxford School District is proud to recognize Central Elementary School education support assistant Tambra Brassell as our Employee of the Week. Ms. Brassell helps make our district a great place to work and learn.

Here’s what Central Elementary School has to say about Ms. Brassell:

“Mrs. Brassell has been so kind to check in on us teachers this week to see if we need a restroom break or breath of fresh air. She is always looking for something to keep busy. She has a kind smile and bright personality, and it is much appreciated.”

“Ms. Brassell is amazing! Though I do not get the chance to work directly with her, Ms. Brassell is always positive and happy. She works so hard, and she always has a smile doing it. She reminds me that keeping a positive outlook is the most effective way to have a good day!”

“Mrs. Brassell is a brand new employee with us, and she has been a wonderful addition to the CES family. She always displays a warm and cheerful attitude with everyone she comes in contact with.”

“Ms. Brassell is ALWAYS asking if you need anything. She has stopped by my room daily and more than once.”

“Ms. Brassell always has a smile on her face! She is always looking for ways to help others at CES, and I am so glad that she has joined our team!”

“Mrs. Brassell always has the most positive attitude, and is willing to help out in absolutely any capacity. We are very blessed to have her on our CES staff!”

“She is personable and really cares about her work. She is a kind team player, and it shows in her great attitude!”

“Ms. Brassell has been the biggest help and does everything with the kindest heart!! Her happy spirit is contagious! Thank you, Ms. Brassell, for being a rockstar at CES!!”

“Ms. Brassell is on the go at all hours of the day. She can be seen helping children our of the car, keeping our building free of germs, or subbing in a class room. Whatever you need her to do, Ms. Brassell is there with a smile on her face!”

“Ms. Brassell has such a positive energy and I enjoy being around her. Thankful to have her be a part of our CES family.”

Congratulations, Ms. Brassell! You’re a great representative of the #ChargerNation.

Congratulations to our OSD Employee of the Week, Tambra Brassell, who is an education support assistant at Central...

Posted by Oxford School District on Monday, September 14, 2020