Employee of the Year 2020: OES

Oxford Elementary School Employee of the Year

Ginny Davis

Ginny Davis

2nd Grade Teacher
Oxford Elementary School

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to work at Oxford Elementary. I am continually learning and growing as an educator because of the amazing staff and students that make up our OES community. Thank you, OES! You're the BEST!”


The Oxford School District (OSD) is proud to recognize Oxford Elementary School (OES) 2nd Grade Teacher Ginny Davis as our OES Employee of the Year for 2019. Ms. Davis helps make our district a great place to work and learn.

Here’s what OSD had to say about Ms. Davis:

“Ginny works really hard for all atOE! She is a great coworker and her love for her students is evident.”

“This teacher has the biggest heart and the most patient spirit. She works all the time to support her students in every way. On Fridays, I go to her classroom after 5 p.m. and remind her to get home and rest up and enjoy her weekend. She works 12 hour days consistently, always putting her students first. She is also one of the most positive and encouraging peers. She is amazing!!”

“Ginny Davis is asset toOE! She is wonderful teammate to work with and always open minded to others ideas. Ginny is always ready to work hard with our students in mind! She shows her students compassion and always strives to meet their individual needs. I am thankful to work with Ginny Davis!”

“I wish I could nominate all four. Ginny Davis is an incredibly kind teacher and colleague. She works long and hard to provide meaningful learning experiences for her students. She also handles the recycling atOES, which is a huge job.”

“Ginny Davis works so hard for her students and coworkers. She is dependable, loving, and uplifting! Mrs. Davis is a true asset to OSD!”

“Ginny Davis is a fabulous, caring teacher who shares her talents and abilities with her students and colleagues. She is always willing to pitch in with a smile on her face. Not only does she provide a wonderful environment for her students, but she takes care of the recycling at Oxford Elementary School. Her presence is a blessing to everyone atOES.”

“She has a heart of GOLD. She builds a relationship with every student in her classroom and makes sure they have everything they need to succeed. Each child who enters her room knows how much she cares for them. We should all strive to be more like Ginny Davis!”

“Ginny dedicates her heart and soul to her 2nd grade students. The most recent example I can give is she took a cardboard robot from her classroom, stuck him in the front seat of her car, decorated the car with OHS banners and drove around town to say, ‘Have a nice summer’ to her students. She made paper planes with a handwritten message and flew them out the window to her students. She even wore charger bolt earrings. This is the type of love and dedication she brings to the classroom every day (and every weekend when she’s grading).”

Congratulations, Ms. Davis! You’re a great representative of the #ChargerNation.