Employee of the Year 2020: DDES

Della Davidson Elementary School Employee of the Year

Amy Little

Amy Little

3rd Grade Math & Science Teacher
Della Davidson Elementary School

“I cannot begin to express how thankful I am to receive this honor. The teachers and staff at Della are out of this world and provide so much support and encouragement. I am privileged to work with such amazing people! I could not do my job without them! Thank you!!”


The Oxford School District (OSD) is proud to recognize Della Davidson Elementary School (DDES) 3rd Grade Math & Science Teacher Amy Little as our DDES Employee of the Year for 2020. Mrs. Little helps make our district a great place to work and learn.

Here’s what OSD had to say about Mrs. Little:

“Amy is an amazing Math and Science teacher as well as teacher colleague. She compassionately considers her students needs each day. She displays this same compassion when addressing others as well. She respects and values the opinions of everyone.”

“Amy has taken on a difficult and time-consuming job as grade chair. Being the messenger is not always a pleasant job, but she did it with great style. I have enjoyed working with Amy and look forward to more years of her calm and efficient leading.”

“Mrs. Little is truly a one of a kind teacher! She is so patient and understanding with her students. The students and team at Della are lucky to have her!”

“I voted for Mrs. Little to be Employee of the Year because she is always kind and patient, and she is a really great teacher. I’ve been fortunate to work in the same school as Mrs. Little, and she has also taught one of my children.”

“Mrs. Little does EVERYTHING she is supposed to do with a very pleasant attitude, while doing so! She treats ALL of her students fairly when it comes to academics and behavior! She operates in the same manner from child-to-child, which is SO IMPORTANT, because the STUDENTS ARE WATCHING! Yea, Mrs. Little!”

“Amy is one the hardest working teachers I know. She loves her students and does everything she can to help them learn. She never gives up on them. Amy always has a positive attitude even when she has had a hard day. She deals with difficult students with a smile and loving, kind words.”

“Amy Little is an amazing teacher who loves and cares for her students. She has a way of speaking to both adults and children that makes them feel so relaxed and encouraged.”

“She goes out of her way to make sure that her students get all the extra help they need.”

Congratulations, Mrs. Little! You’re a great representative of the #ChargerNation.