Employee of the Year 2020: OHS

Oxford High School Employee of the Year

Karyn Fortenberry

Karyn Fortenberry

Algebra II Teacher
Oxford High School

“It is such an honor to be chosen as Employee of the Year for OHS. I am lucky to be part of a wonderful group of people. They all make my job so much easier. This has been the most unique year in my teaching career. Who would have ever thought that we would end the year online? We have all been faced with challenges we never would have imagined. I think everyone involved — adults and students — has learned so much about ourselves and what is important.”


The Oxford School District (OSD) is proud to recognize Oxford High School (OHS) Algebra II Teacher Karyn Fortenberry as our OHS Employee of the Year for 2020. Mrs. Fortenberry helps make our district a great place to work and learn.

Here’s what OSD had to say about Mrs. Fortenberry:

“I have worked with Karyn for about 15 years now. She’s one of the best math teachers out there. She sets the rigor high for her students, but she’s always been willing to work with those who are struggling. Her Algebra 2 teaching videos are awesome! Karyn, you deserve to be OHS’s Employee of the Year! Hope you get it! I’ve so enjoyed working with you all these many years! You’re the best!”

“Mrs. Fortenberry may speak more forcefully than you might care for her to do at times, but NO ONE can doubt the energy and professionalism she brings to her role as a teacher. She works tirelessly with her students and for years has developed the kind of relationships special teachers have with their students. While each of our nominees is worthy, I think Mrs. Fortenberry is one of our unsung warriors/heroes.”

“Mrs. Fortenberry approaches new changes and challenges as a problem to be solved, a Gordian knot to tease a part, finding solutions that will positively affect student learning then generously sharing her insights with colleagues. The dedication she has, the time and energy she spends, towards making OHS the best it can be for everyone is commendable.”

“Karyn goes above and beyond to help her students. She is willing to come early, stay late, skip lunch all to help her students get ahead. She holds her students accountable and helps them rise to her expectations. She strives to bring out the best in her students.”

“I would put Karyn up against any high school math teacher in the state; that’s just how good of a teacher she is! I’ve had to watch her Algebra 2 videos to be able to tutor some of my students this year. Great videos! Karyn, it’s been a great pleasure to work with you all these many years. Thank you for your service to our high school students and our district.”

“It has been a pleasure to work with Mrs. Fortenberry throughout the years! She always goes above and beyond for her students!”

“Karyn goes above and beyond for her kids. She also makes a point to make them 'toe the line' and get their work done. She is always prepared, and is willing to help anytime anything is asked of her. It is a pleasure to work with Karyn.”

“Mrs. Fortenberry is an excellent teacher. She goes above and beyond what many teachers do. I know this because she has taught two of my children.”

“I feel Mrs. Fortenberry is a MASTER at being able to identify with and teach ALL students. She always goes above and beyond to help students understand the material. If a student fails on an assignment, test, or quiz, she personally reflects on HER instruction and make adjusts to reach those students who did not get the concept the 1st time. Students can easily relate and feel comfortable learning when they know she is genuinely working hard to make sure they understand and do well. She always says her style teaching is old school - I think we all can benefit from whatever style she is using because it is working with our students.”

“Karyn has dedicated her career to her students. I taught across the hall from her for years, and I have watched her help students in class, out of class, early mornings and after school. More than teaching them Algebra at whatever level she happens to be teaching them, she teaches her students what it is like when someone holds them to high standards because she believes her students can meet them.Karyn knows who is hungry, who is having problems at home, who needs a listening ear, and who needs to be motivated when they are lazy. Her love for her kids shines every day. She may annoy some adults because she is a woman who has strong opinions, and she is not afraid to share them. I admire er tremendously for that quality. We are a better school because she holds all of us to high standards and is not afraid to speak out when she thinks we are not meeting them. You can’t ask for a better teach than that: courage, guts, and a lot of love.”

“Karen is an excellent Math teacher. Her pedagogical skills are superb. Over the years, I have watched her develop relationships with kids that ultimately fostered a bridge to help them become successful in her class.”

“Karyn always goes the extra mile to help her kids. She is willing to get to school an hour early, then skip her lunch, then stay an hour late all to ensure her students success. She will always help her fellow teachers too.”

Congratulations, Mrs. Fortenberry! You’re a great representative of the #ChargerNation.