Employee of the Year 2020: Central Office

Central Office Employee of the Year

Aaron Getz

Aaron Getz

Systems Administrator
Central Office

“It’s very encouraging to receive an award like this, especially in the midst of this pandemic. We ALL have been working extra hard to make distance learning go as smoothly as possible and to plan for next year. We have had new challenges to overcome, and I think the District as a whole has done an amazing job. It is an honor to be counted with so many dedicated and hard-working people. Be well. Be safe.”


The Oxford School District (OSD) is proud to recognize OSD Systems Administrator Aaron Getz as our Central Office Employee of the Year for 2020. Mr. Getz helps make our district a great place to work and learn.

Here’s what OSD had to say about Mr. Getz:

“Aaron is always willing to help with any technical needs we have. He is behind the scenes a lot and individuals don’t realize how important he is.”

“Aaron is exceptional at what he does! He is an asset to OSD and he is very helpful whenever you contact him. He is very patient with you and tries to ensure that you understand his answer to your questions.”

“Aaron is very helpful and extremely knowledgeable in his area of expertise. He attends to issues in a timely manner and works well with others.”

“Aaron plays a key behind-the-scenes role every year in making sure our students are safe. He is an integral part of the OSD team.”

“Not only is Aaron one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever worked with, he is truly a great person. I think most people within OSD do not recognized how incredibly important Aaron is to keeping all of our IT systems running as they should.”

“I have never worked with anyone more deserving of this recognition than Aaron Getz. He is so knowledgeable, and so willing to share his knowledge. He has such a calm demeanor during very demanding and stressful times.”

“Our distance learning plan would not have been possible with him! What an amazing job he and his team did in a very short amount of time! Just WOW!!”

“Aaron has been a vital part of our Esports team operations and development this year. We couldn’t do what we do without him and his coworkers in the tech department. Our esports work is an additional part of his job that he has taken increased interest in and responsibility for on top of his already immense job tasks and responsibilities. We are very thankful.”

“Aaron is always so willing to help and resolve an issue as soon as he possibly can. If you ever have a need he will know the solution and wants to have things accessible to benefit the education of our students. MANY thanks to his hard work and dedication!”

“Aaron has a vital role within Oxford School District. We are lucky to have him because of his extensive knowledge and willingness to help others. He deserves to be Employee of the year.”

“Our current distance learning system would not have been up and running as quickly as it was without Aaron. He is an indispensable asset to our district!”

“Aaron juggles so many tasks in a given week. He works hard to keep our district up and running with technology. But, Aaron is also always willing to help a teacher. He is patient and understanding when explaining ‘computer stuff’ to those of us who not very tech savvy. The district is lucky to have him.”

“Aaron works extremely hard behind the scenes to make things happen for the district. There are many times he has to grab his computer to fix items even when he is off the clock. Thank you Aaron for always wiling to help us.”

“Aaron Getz has played such a crucial role this year in the success of our technology within the district. He has worked tirelessly and we are so appreciative of his determination and resilience.”

Congratulations, Mr. Getz! You’re a great representative of the #ChargerNation.