March 9, 2020

Angel Kendricks

Angel Kendricks

Title IX McKinney Vento Tutor
Bramlett Elementary School


The Oxford School District is proud to recognize Bramlett Elementary School Title IX tutor Angel Kendricks as our Employee of the Week. Ms. Kendricks helps make our district a great place to work and learn.

Here’s what Bramlett Elementary School has to say about Ms. Kendricks:

“She is great at building positive relationships with students and always seem to have a positive attitude.”

“Angel works with several of my students each week! She has a positive and funny relationship with them. The students have grown so much academically this year with her help. Thank you, Ms. Kendricks, for all you do for our little friends at Bramlett!”

“Ms. Kendricks is a wonderful asset to our school family. She works diligently to help our struggling learners, and they absolutely love her energy and kindness. Way to go, Ms. Kendricks!”

“Angel is such a joy to have back at Bramlett! She is always encouraging the students when I see her in the hallway. The students she is tutoring are so excited to see her when she comes to get them!”

“Angel is the BEST!! She has worked so hard with my children that needed a little extra help and tutoring!”

“Angel has tirelessly come in to work one-on-one with our struggling students. She is on time and efficient and has made a big difference with the students!”

“Ms. Kendricks helps our struggling students with basic skills. Every time she walks in the room, ALL of my students beg to work with her. She makes learning fun!”

“Ms. Kendricks made a huge difference with my students’ learning. She worked so hard to meet their needs. Thank you, Ms. Kendricks!!”

“Angel works very well with all the teachers that she interacts with. She makes a big difference in the performance of the children that she pulls and works with. She will go the extra mile to encourage growth in these children.”

“Angela has been a huge help in the classroom. She cares about each student she works with and wants the best for them.”

“She is amazing with the students!!! She is always positive and so FUNNY with them. THEY LOVE HER!!!!!”

Congratulations, Ms. Kendricks! You’re a great representative of the #ChargerNation.