February 3, 2020

Rose Nash

Rose Nash

Chemistry & Physics Teacher
Oxford High School

“It is always an honor to be recognized, but this honor is particularly significant because I’ve received this recognition from a faculty and staff that I respect and admire and who deserve continued recognition for their tireless efforts every day. We all go above and beyond what is necessary to help each other, our students, and our community. I hope that I have helped others as much as I have been helped. Thank you.”


The Oxford School District is proud to recognize Oxford High School teacher Rose Nash as our Employee of the Week. Mrs. Nash helps make our district a great place to work and learn.

Here’s what Oxford High School has to say about Mrs. Nash:

“Mrs. Nash holds her students to a very high standard and helps them achieve that standard. Mrs. Nash is here early every morning to work with her students. She also provides so much extra help on her Schoology page to help students be successful.”

“She brings us goodies! YUM!”

“Mrs. Nash presents to her students a challenging and rigorous curriculum. She holds them to high expectations and standards as responsible and growing students. She is a well-versed, veteran teacher. Mrs. Nash is extremely knowledgeable of her content across the spectrum of the science courses she teaches and shares that knowledge and wisdom with her students.”

“I think she has high expectations for her students and pushes them to reach their potential, while also helping them and being available as they work to meet those goals of understanding. My students talk highly of Mrs. Nash as a teacher and appreciate the challenge of her chemistry classes. It doesn’t hurt that she also makes nice snacks that she leaves in the break room. For example, last semester, there was this delicious chocolate and peanut butter concoction and then a delicious tray of an Oreo dessert.”

“Rose is the hardest working teacher I know. Her level of preparation is extraordinary and her willingness to work with a student until she or he understands a complex formula is unparalleled. The number of kids who return after taking Chem 101 in college who say, ‘I hated her in high school, but I KNEW what I was doing in my college class -- unlike most of my friends.’ Mrs. Nash is a tremendous example of holding her students to a high standard. She may not win Miss Popularity among high school students, but her fan club expands significantly once her former students go to college. Since Rigor and Relevance are two of our core standards, she deserves to be recognized for consistently being an example of providing both.”

“Mrs. Nash is one of the most dedicated teachers in this building! Her passion for the job and the care and concern she has for her students is unmatched. She spends countless thankless hours working to prepare the best lessons she possible can and deserves to be recognized!”

“Rose is the most dedicated teacher with whom I have served. She is constantly reflecting on her teaching, collaborating with colleges to ensure her students are prepared, and serving as a model for other teachers as she gives countless time and finances to resource her students.”

Congratulations, Mrs. Nash! You’re a great representative of the #ChargerNation.