August 26, 2019

Heather Card

Heather Card

Speech Language Pathologist
Oxford Elementary School


The Oxford School District is proud to recognize Oxford Elementary School speech language pathologist Heather Card as our Employee of the Week. Mrs. Card helps make our district a great place to work and learn.

Here’s what Oxford Elementary School has to say about Mrs. Card:

“Heather is always willing to help in any way she can even with her work load and always has a positive outlook. She went above and beyond to help in the front office the first three days of school. So thankful to have her at OE!”

“Heather Card went above and beyond to assist all staff members at the beginning the year. We could not have managed without her being here to serve in any capacity even when she was not asked.”

“Mrs. Card is always more than willing to step up and do whatever needs to be done to help other teachers and students. The first week of school she stayed late and called parents of students that missed the bus or whatever the case may have been. She has an amazing ‘Team First’ attitude.”

“Heather Card goes above and beyond not only for her students but also her teachers. She has been so helpful to me this first week of school!”

“Heather Card goes above and beyond the call of duty to serve our Oxford Elementary children. She is so patient and has a heart of gold. She stays with our students every single day until all have made it home. She is also right there in the morning helping the children start their day with warmth and nurturing. She is an example to all employees of how to be professional and love our students.”

“Mrs. Card has worked tirelessly to assist in the beginning of the school year activities. She has been a life saver to all areas of the school from teachers to office staff!!! She is amazing!”

“Heather is an awesome resource. She goes over and beyond in her job. She communicates with everyone and always has a beautiful smile even when things aren’t going perfect. Heather is so valuable too not only OES, but the entire school district.”

“She is the epitome of ‘Team Player.’ She is always ready and willing to help students, other teachers, parents, or administrators with anything. If everyone had her attitude the world would be a much better place.”

“Heather Card is always there when I need help! She always gives advice, a shoulder to cry on, or helps in any way she can think of. She is the best!”

“Heather Card goes ABOVE and BEYOND the call of duty! She is always willing to help, and she cares about her students like they are her own children!”

“Mrs. Card is amazing at her job! The kids love her and get so much from their time with her!”

“Mrs. Card is always so pleasant to be around. It is obvious how much she loves working at Oxford Elementary. Our students adore her.”

“Heather sees a need and tries to assist all while making sure her students get what they need and the teachers do as well. Heather was a tremendous asset to the front office on the first few days of school when she was not required to do so.”

“Heather is the happiest person at OES! She always greets you with a smile! She is tender towards the students. She has amazing work ethics and is at the school many hours past her required to get everything perfect! I’m proud to be her colleague!”

“Aside from her normal duties as a SLP, she has been seen all over the school helping other teachers as well as students. She has been a wonderful asset to OE at the beginning of this school year!”

Congratulations, Mrs. Card! You’re a great representative of the #ChargerNation.