August 19, 2019

Tania Reyes

Tania Reyes

Teacher Assistant
Bramlett Elementary School

“I am greatful and want to thank everyone for choosing me as the BES Employee of the Week. I feel blessed to work with all the children (and the adults too!) at Bramlett. We all deserve this award; everybody has been working very hard to make the beginning of this academic year a very successful one. Gracias.”


The Oxford School District is proud to recognize Bramlett Elementary School assistant teacher Tania Reyes as our Employee of the Week. Mrs. Reyes helps make our district a great place to work and learn.

Here’s what Bramlett Elementary School has to say about Mrs. Reyes:

“Mrs. Reyes has been so valuable to Bramlett in getting this school year off to a great start. She has spent so much time assisting our Spanish-speaking families and their children. She has worked with many teachers in the building to help with translation, transportation issues with these children, and has made numerous phone calls to parents during the school day as well as communicating with these parents after hours if needed. She does all of this in addition to working in her own assigned classroom. She is a very hard worker with a wonderful attitude. She deserves this honor.”

“Mrs. Reyes goes above and beyond to make the students feel special!”

“She has done a wonderful job helping us with our EL students and helping to make them feel safe and happy.”

“Mrs. Reyes has worked very hard to help not only in her own classroom, but to help wherever she is needed all over the school. She has been so valuable to communicate with our non-English-speaking children and families, and so helpful to console these children when they are crying and upset. She makes phone calls during the day concerning transportation, and helps after her scheduled working hours if needed. If the office buzzes, or if another teacher needs help, she is there without complaint. There is really no price to put on all the help she has provided to get this school year off to a great start with these children.”

“Mrs. Reyes always goes above and beyond! She is a link to our Hispanic community and is always willing to help with translating. We would be lost here at Bramlett without her!”

“Mrs. Reyes has done a fantastic job communicating with our EL parents and students. She is often called at a moment’s notice to help with a need outside of her regular classroom. She definitely has gone above and beyond the call of duty!!!!”

“Tania goes beyond the call of duty to help out all over Bramlett. She greets each and every one of the children and coworkers with a smile and ‘hello’. She is a real team player!”

“She is so caring and kind to the students as well as her coworkers. She steps in an helps all of the Spanish-speaking students and families to help them to communicate. She is the best! :)”

“Ms. Reyes always has a positive and friendly attitude. She is always working, sometimes on her own time and after hours, to make our Spanish-speaking families feel comfortable at Bramlett. She goes above and beyond to help teachers communicate with our Spanish-speaking families — answering questions, making phone calls, and soothing and calming children.”

“She is such a wonderful part of the BES family and does more than her share of work. In addition to her duties as a Pre-K assistant teacher, she is eager to help any family or teacher with translation.”

Congratulations, Mrs. Reyes! You’re a great representative of the #ChargerNation.

Congratulations to our OSD Employee of the Week, Tania Reyes, who is an assistant teacher at Bramlett Elementary...

Posted by Oxford School District on Monday, August 19, 2019