Employee of the Year 2019: OES

Oxford Elementary School Employee of the Year

Connie Robinson

Connie Robinson

Oxford Elementary School

“It is a blessing to come to work each day alongside each dedicated OES faculty and staff member who I want to give a shout out to: Together is what makes our school excel! With my position of teaching EVERY child weekly through library skills and their daily access to the library, my joy truly comes from seeing their personality, ability and love blossom and grow. Children are a gift from the Lord and I hold it a high honor and responsibility to nurture them into caring citizens! I am thankful God has given me His strength to serve the students and teachers in all their academic endeavors! OES is Incredible!”


The Oxford School District (OSD) is proud to recognize Oxford Elementary School (OES) Librarian Connie Robinson as our OES Employee of the Year for 2019. Mrs. Robinson helps make our district a great place to work and learn.

Here’s what OSD had to say about Mrs. Robinson:

“Connie Robinson is the best Librarian I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She is always patient, kind, and helpful with teachers, parents and students. She consistently keeps everyone informed about things going on in the Library and works tirelessly to encourage literacy in our school district. Connie all the way!”

“Mrs. Robinson is a wonderfully knowledgeable and dedicated librarian. OE is blessed to have her here!”

“Mrs. Robinson is a wonderful person. She is always helpful to teachers and students. She is kind and a good friend to all who know her.”

“Mrs. Robinson work so very hard to not only introduce reading but also the LOVE of reading to our OES children. She always has a smile on her face and a pleasant attitude for them. OES and OSD have a gem in Mrs. Robinson!”

“Mrs. Robinson does a fabulous job getting our students, teachers, and parents involved with the library! She is always well prepared and organized for all events. She encourages students to reach goals and to develop a love for reading! Mrs. Robinson is an asset to OE and our district!”

“Mrs. Robinson is AMAZING to work with! She is always incredibly organized and keeps us up to date with any new programs that the library is offering. My students love visiting the library and checking out all of the fabulous books she finds for our school. We are SO lucky to have Mrs. Robinson at OES!”

“Mrs. Robinson does an amazing job handling communication amongst staff, engaging lessons with students, and providing staff with tons of resources. She is truly a blessing at OE.”

“Mrs. Robinson always has a different theme going on to keep the students interested in reading. The enthusiasm in reading that she instills in the students is phenomenal.”

“For the 12 years I've known Mrs. Robinson, she has gone above and beyond to help promote a love for Reading with students, including my own personal children. Also, she is a kind and cheerful colleague whom I look forward to seeing each day.”

“Ms. Robinson is alway creating new ideas into the library to keep the students motivated to read and read! She is a role model for me professionally as well. She continually strives to challenge herself with professional development, national boards, and how to meet the needs of diverse learners. Great job Ms. Robinson!!”

“Mrs. Robinson is an outstanding librarian. She is awesome to work with and is loved so much by my child at OE. She hosts an outstanding Reading Fair and coordinates the district entries for the regional fair. Her book fairs are awesome. Her decor is always imaginative and engaging for the kids. This year Dogman came for a visit: a highlight for my child.”

“Oxford Elementary would not be what it is without Mrs. Robinson’s support!”

“Mrs. Robinson does SO much for OES! She stepped up her game this year with a special library Facebook page and feature videos for teachers to show to students to get them pumped about the library happenings!”

“Mrs. Robinson is always willing to help classroom teachers with any resources she can provide.”

Congratulations, Mrs. Robinson! You’re a great representative of the #ChargerNation.