Employee of the Year 2019: OIS

Oxford Intermediate School Employee of the Year

Kate Gross

Kate Gross

Behavior Specialist
Oxford Intermediate School

“It is such an honor to be chosen as Employee of the year for OIS! I am beyond thankful for the opportunity to work alongside an amazing faculty and incredible students. Thank you for this great honor!”


The Oxford School District (OSD) is proud to recognize Oxford Intermediate School (OIS) Behavior Specialist Kate Gross as our OIS Employee of the Year for 2019. Mrs. Gross helps make our district a great place to work and learn.

Here’s what OSD had to say about Mrs. Gross:

“Kate is absolutely amazing with students, teachers, everyone! She works so hard and is very passionate about what she does. The behavior improvements at our school this year have been incredible, and she deserves to be recognized for always going above and beyond!!”

“Kate works with excellence to support students’ ability to function well in the school setting. She gives her best every single day to serve the WHOLE child. She is a tremendous asset to Oxford School District!”

“Kate is an amazing asset at any school! She is very missed at Bramlett but I know the kids at OIS need her support. She is calm and caring, and the kids respond very well to her! I enjoyed working with Kate last year. She was helpful and supportive!”

“Kate is a phenomenal teacher who never fails to treat all of her students with kindness, patience and understanding!”

“Kate is constantly working with ALL students to help them in making the best decisions possible. She has had a challenging year but she continues to strive to not only reflect on her own professional practice, but to look at school-wide improvements. She is an incredible Behavior Coach!”

“She goes above and beyond to meet the needs of our students and teachers at OIS.”

“Ms. Kate has a demanding job dealing with a wide variety of students, yet she is always generous with her time and concern for each and every one. She is amazing!!”

“Mrs. Gross goes above and beyond for our students. She truly embodies the 'Whole Child' as she seeks to help students with their behaviors. The change in the students from the beginning of the year until now is truly incredible! She has made a difference!”

“Kate is a great colleague and wonderful advocate for our kids. She works tirelessly to find what works best for each of her students, and is always available to help.”

“Kate has gone above and beyond to help our students. She has many success stories from behaviors she has turned around this year. Because of Ms. Gross, these students now know how to handle situations in positive ways. She has also assisted teachers with tips on how to positively handle less than ideal student behaviors. Kate cares so much about the students and about doing the very best job possible. Turning one student’s behavior around for an entire school year has a positive impact on the student, the student’s family, the teachers, the administrators, the peer students, and all school staff. Kate has managed to do what many times seems impossible, and she has done this with several students this year while keeping a very positive, energetic attitude! She does not give up, and I admire her work!!”

“Mrs. Gross works very diligently to serve students. She offers assistance and advice for teachers in working with students who have exceptional needs in behavior. She is very positive and is always offering encouragement.”

“She is always working to help all students with those things that are keeping them from learning, and to work with the teachers to give them tools to better help their students in crisis.”

Congratulations, Mrs. Gross! You’re a great representative of the #ChargerNation.