Employee of the Year 2019: OHS

Oxford High School Employee of the Year

Meg Hayden

Meg Hayden

School Nurse
Oxford High School

“Wow, I am stunned, honored, and humbled to be recognized as OHS employee of the year by the staff in our district. I work among a group of truly amazing individuals, and to feel their appreciation in this way is such a blessing. I am without words to describe the gratitude I feel in being a part of and to serve our community of students and teachers. Thank you to everyone who loves and supports our students. Our work is big.”


The Oxford School District (OSD) is proud to recognize Oxford High School (OHS) School Nurse Meg Hayden as our OHS Employee of the Year for 2019. Nurse Hayden helps make our district a great place to work and learn.

Here’s what OSD had to say about Nurse Hayden:

“Nurse Hayden has done an incredible job not only caring for our students, but working to develop support for students socially, emotionally, and physically. Her work with RISE to become the first public school in the nation with Certified Peer Educators (CPE) speaks volumes to her care for the students. Further, her work on the Whole Child Initiative in preparing teachers and staff for the upcoming trainings is invaluable.”

“As lead nurse for the OSD, Nurse Hayden is always checking up on all of her nurses and reminding us of the things that would be easy for us to forget because we are all always so busy! I also know that she is great with her high school kids as I see how they interact with her in and outside of the school environment — they all love Nurse Hayden! With her hard work for RISE at OHS, she is helping her students develop an understanding for the importance of the health and wellness of all the students in the school district. With her contributions to the Exchange Club Family Center and the United Way of Oxford-Lafayette County, she extends her care and service beyond the school district to help teenagers throughout the city and the county. Nurse Hayden is an exemplary choice for OSD Employee of the Year for all the hard work she does — not only for her school, but for the Oxford School District and for the greater community of Oxford and Lafayette County.”

“Meg is one of the few resources we have for struggling students. They all know they can go to her for encouragement and a compassionate ear. She does much more than her job description calls for.”

“Meg has done so much for the emotional and social well being of our students and staff. She has hosted events for parents on campus to address the needs identified by our students. She is heavily involved in the community as a liason with the health of our youth and the resources available. She provides the students with training on how to mediate their peers. Meg is also playing a huge roll in the implementation of the Whole Child initiative.”

“Nurse Meg Hayden has done an outstanding job of taking care of the health and welfare of our students. Her work only begins in her office where she administers meds, checks for illnesses, and counsels students who are uncertain of the options available to them regarding their health, both physical and mental. Her work with RISE has empowered our students to not only be their best selves but also to learn the importance of and how to make a difference in their community. I am sure that she does 89 other important tasks and has taken on more projects than I can imagine, so these are the highlights I see from the perspective of a classroom teacher. She is AWESOME at her job, and her love and caring for our students shines brightly every day. We could not honor a more deserving Employee of the Year at Oxford High School.”

“The students and staff at OHS are beyond lucky to have Nurse Hayden. She is definitely a wonderful school nurse, but what sets her apart is the fact that she is so much more than that, and when she takes on all of these other roles and responsibilities, she does so with excitement and commitment that inspire all of us. Meg Hayden is without a doubt Oxford High School’s employee of the year. She is making an invaluable and lasting impact on this school and its staff and students by opening our eyes to the many ways that health and wellness play a vital role in what we are trying to accomplish here. I believe that her presence is a daily difference-maker on this campus and in this district.”

“I could not handle my students’ emotional needs without Meg to lean on. She is much more than a source for bandaids and cough drops. She is an advocate, mentor, mother, and caretaker for so many of our kids in so many ways.”

“Nurse Hayden is one of the most passionate, dedicated employees in our district. She serves OHS as the school nurse, helping students and faculty with their physical, emotional, social, issues. She is the epitome of ‘well rounded’. As a teacher at OHS, there is never a doubt that Nurse Hayden cares about each student’s issue and will do whatever it takes to make sure their needs are met. She travels to Oxford Learning Center twice a week to practice mindfulness. Her work with RISE, the peer wellness group is SO BIG. I could go on and on. RAT Pack, RISE, Raising Mothers to RISE (teen mom support group), MS Sex Cadre, Health Council, being selected to be interviewed on MS Sexual Health on CNN, being asked to be a part of OTC Alcohol Panel, the list goes on and on. What a rockstar human. I am blessed to call her a friend and colleague.”

“Nurse Hayden devotes herself to the physical and mental health of our kids. She promotes positive values through the group she formed, RISE, and promotes positive health through the classes she teaches and the groups she sponsors. No matter who you are or what you need, when you need Nurse Hayden, you are the most important person in the world to her, and each kid knows that.”

“Meg goes above and beyond the call of duty in working with students. She is patient, kind hearted, and amazing in every way. We are so fortunate to have Ms. Hayden at OHS!”

“Meg goes above and beyond in everything she does! She wears many hats, always has a smile on her face, and she has a passion to see her students succeed!!!!”

Congratulations, Nurse Hayden! You’re a great representative of the #ChargerNation.