Employee of the Year 2019: OLC

Oxford Learning Center Employee of the Year

Tina Suggs

Tina Suggs

Special Education Teacher
Oxford Learning Center

“I am grateful that my fellow co workers have selected me for this distinct recognition. I'm so blessed to be a part of a wonderful team in a wonderful school district!”


The Oxford School District (OLC) is proud to recognize Oxford Learning Center (OLC) Special Education Teacher Tina Suggs as our OLC Employee of the Year for 2019. Mrs. Suggs helps make our district a great place to work and learn.

Here’s what OSD had to say about Mrs. Suggs:

“Tina goes out of her way to not only help her special-needs students but all students. She is always willing to help anyone and is dedicated to making OLC the best place it can be for both students and staff. It is an honor to work with her!”

“She is a very caring woman that makes numerous efforts to sacrifice for her students. She makes the effort to show love for all. She is a great person who wants everyone to be successful. You will rarely meet anyone with a heart as big and as welcoming as hers.”

“Tina Suggs is a team leader. She goes above and beyond the call of duty for her students and her staff members. She is always looking for ways to help the staff and her students. We love her genuine smile and her professionalism.”

“Tina is amazing! She has a really challenging job at OLC, and she always handles what is thrown her way with grace and understanding. She is definitely a role model!”

“Ms. Suggs is a motivator for students and goes the extra miles to reach students in need.”

“Mrs. Suggs has an awesome personality and always does what is in the best interest of the students.”

“Mrs. Suggs is so dedicated to her students and does an incredible job of connecting with them. I am so grateful to her for her time, dedication, and patience to the students at OLC.”

“One of the hardest working persons in the district. She goes above and beyond every day, even if she is going through a rough time. Her desire to see her students succeed is a true delight to witness.”

“I have worked with Tina on several occasions and she is dedicated to her job and especially to her students at OLC. She makes a huge impact on them personally and many stay in touch with her after they leave OLC.”

“She is just an all around great person. She exhibits her love, kindness, and willingness to reach all her students on a daily basis.”

“Tina works intensely with our students with special needs. She takes the time to know them personally and helps out with activities, even after school. She is passionate about her job, and she always wants to help in any way to provide them with the services that the students need.”

Congratulations, Mrs. Suggs! You’re a great representative of the #ChargerNation.