Employee of the Year 2019: Central Office

Central Office Employee of the Year

Heather Lenard

Heather Lenard

Public Information Officer
Central Office

“I am incredibly honored for being named the OSD Central Office’s Employee of the Year. The central office is filled with so many talented individuals with various backgrounds, skills, and accomplishments that keep this district steadily moving in the right direction. I believe all of my central office colleagues are worthy of this recognition. 

“Communication with all of our stakeholders is at the center of everything we do! From transportation to teachers, and parents to media, leading OSD communications is a role I take very seriously because it ultimately affects our students’ lives. I am sincerely appreciative of this recognition and plan to continue providing OSD with exceptional service in communications.”


The Oxford School District (OSD) is proud to recognize OSD Public Information Officer Heather Lenard as our Central Office Employee of the Year for 2019. Mrs. Lenard helps make our district a great place to work and learn.

Here’s what OSD had to say about Mrs. Lenard:

“Heather is the best asset the Oxford School District has. She is on the frontlines every day to make OSD the shining star of our community.”

“Although Heather has only been with the OSD for one year. Her impact has been immediate. She is a valuable part of our team.”

“Heather has revolutionized the information department. The amount of stuff now visible on all platforms is incredible and paints our district in the most positive light! Kudos!”

“I have truly enjoyed getting to work with and know Heather this year! She diligently works to complete her job without leaving a detail unfinished! I am thankful to not only call Heather a coworker, but a friend! She is more than deserving of this honor!”

“Heather is absolutely Ah-Mazing!!! She works diligently to spotlight any and every thing she can about the Oxford School District. She keeps us all informed and even adds some much-needed humor at times. You rock, Heather!”

“Heather is the best hire in our district. She handles communication beautifully, she always keeps the district’s vision at the forefront, and she does everything in a timely manner. She is incredible.”

“Heather does such a great job of sending out timely, effective communication to our parents and community. She works hard to be sure we are sending out consistent messages. She is so valuable to our district, and is highly deserving of this honor.”

“Heather is always eager to help out in any way possible, even if that means passing out candy to teachers in costume! She is always professional and acts quickly and concisely when reporting district events. We are lucky to have her in the Oxford School District.”

“Heather works really hard to make sure information is pushed out to parents on social media. She has a great attitude and is so easy to work with.”

“Heather Lenard is one of the most professional people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Her desire to promote and recognize all student success is unmatched, and she is constantly finding innovative ways to support each school to show the greatness of this district.”

“Heather’s talents and abilities have assisted in creating a positive brand for the Oxford School District both in our community and across the state.”

“She is very welcoming and people outside the district see it. You can tell she loves what she does.”

“Heather is a bright, smiling face for our district. She goes above and beyond to make OSD shine in the spotlight. She is deserving of this award!”

“In a sense, Heather Lenard is the voice of the Oxford School District. The reputation of the Oxford School District often falls upon the carefully articulated words she presents to OSD stakeholders. She is amazing!”

“Heather is great! She has to interact with so many people on so many different levels and manages to remain professional — that is more than commendable. She is sharp and knows what she’s doing. And she manages to give us a great laugh once or twice a week!
Heather has been a tremendous asset this year in getting important information to the masses in a timely manner. And she is an absolute joy to work with.”

Congratulations, Mrs. Lenard! You’re a great representative of the #ChargerNation.