What are the benefits of Standards-Based Grading?

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For Students:

  • Learning targets are clearly defined and aligned to the MCCRS
  • Students are offered multiple opportunities and ways through which to demonstrate proficiency
  • Students monitor their own progress toward the achievement of specified targets
  • Specific feedback on progress helps build self-esteem, pride and motivation for students

 For Parents:

  • Grades have more meaning
  • Parents are aware of what their child knows and is able to do
  • Parents see the learning progression
  • Parents know in what areas their child needs more support
  • Parents empowered to increase their child’s confidence and to actively participate in their child’s learning goal.

For Teachers:

  • Teachers know exactly where students are in the learning continuum
  • Each grade assignment has the same aligned standards and expectations
  • Assessment results help teachers determine when students need more support and when they need challenging work