Claire Crews-Pre-K Teacher

Posted by Brian Harvey on 5/8/2020 5:30:00 AM

Claire Crews Not only is she amazing in her love for each one of the children who had the honor of being in her classroom, she is an INCREDIBLE teacher.   Since the pandemic, I have had the pleasure of witnessing this first hand each morning through the daily Zoom meetings.  Mrs. Claire not only teaches daily lessons, but she sings and dances with the children, reads books to them, and just finds out what’s on their minds!  (Sometimes, it is hysterical what they say!)  For a teacher who is retiring to put this much effort and time into virtually teaching, I’m just blown away.  One day, after lessons were over, she knew my little Cubs baseball loving boy would love to hear the Cubs song, “Hey, Chicago, What do you Say?” so she surprised him and played it for him, and I kid you not, he talks about it every single day.  To have had such a timid, scared child at the beginning of the school year, I completely credit Claire for bringing him out of his shell.  And, I’m certain that my child is not the only one for whom she did this.  To say we will miss Mrs. Claire is a complete understatement.  I’m sure we’ll move on and have another phenomenal teacher, but I tear up at the thought of how this year ended for everyone.  I know, without a doubt, once hugs are “legal,” my little boy will be racing out the door to squeeze Claire’s neck.  Mrs. Claire is phenomenal.