Lucy Steis

Posted by Brian Harvey on 3/29/2020 7:25:00 PM

I wanted to let you know how awesome Ms. Steis has been with my son! Homeschool has been hard for him especially with Math. He is very smart in Math, but has had a lot of trouble with the transition to the computer. He needed to get on zoom to talk to Ms. Steis yesterday to go over an assignment he had bombed. We couldn’t get on for some reason, so I emailed her to tell her what was going on.  He was so frustrated, tears were shed, and he wanted to give up. She gave me her cell phone number so they could FaceTime each other. They went over the assignment to make sure he understood. She explained to him everything was going to be okay, and this was a learning curve for everyone. She was here for him whenever he needed. She explained he was smart, and one grade wasn’t going to affect his year end progress. He got off that call with the biggest smile on his face. I am beyond grateful she is one of his teachers. She went above and beyond normal duties as a teacher! I just wanted you to know how great she is, so she can get a little pat on the back! Lucy Steis