Gifted Education Program


WHEREAS, Gifted Education Programs in Mississippi shall meet the individual needs of gifted children who demonstrate unusually high potential and shall be in addition to and different from the regular program of instruction provided by the district; and

WHEREAS, the 2013 Regulations for Gifted Education Programs defines intellectually gifted children as those children and youth who are found to have an exceptionally high degree of intelligence as documented through the identification process; and

WHEREAS, gifted children require uniquely and qualitatively different educational experiences beyond those available in the general education setting; and

WHEREAS, in order for intellectually gifted students in Mississippi to be challenged to reach their full potential, a well-defined set of outcomes and competencies for gifted education programs is essential; and

WHEREAS, the outcomes and competencies for intellectually gifted programs include creativity, thinking skills, information literacy, communication skills, affective skills and success skills; and

WHEREAS, Oxford School District’s Gifted Program earned an Exemplary Rating from the Mississippi Department of Education through the Office of Elementary Education and Reading; and

WHEREAS, Oxford School District remains in compliance with the Mississippi Gifted Education Program Standards (2013) and the Gifted Program Regulations (2013); and

WHEREAS, we, as members of the Oxford School District Board of Trustees wish to extend our utmost appreciation to the staff members of our Gifted Education Program for their exceptional service to our gifted students; and

THEREFORE, let it be resolved that the Oxford School District Board of Trustees formally recognizes the Gifted Education Program leadership of:  

Dr. SuzAnne Liddell, Gifted Coordinator

Dr. Sarah Rowlett, Gifted Assessment Coordinator

and, this Resolution of Recognition and Appreciation be duly recorded in the minutes of the Oxford School District Board of Trustees on this 23rd day of April in the year of 2018.

O S D Shield

Approved on the 23rd day of April, 2018.



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