April 3, 2017

Lisa Scott

Lisa Scott

Teacher Assistant
Bramlett Elementary School

“I am thrilled to be chosen as Bramlett’s Employee of the Week. I love Bramlett and feel blessed to work alongside so many incredibly talented people. Thank you so much for this recognition.”

The Oxford School District is proud to recognize Bramlett Elementary School Teacher Assistant Lisa Scott as our Employee of the Week. Mrs. Scott helps make our district a great place to work and learn.

Here’s what Bramlett Elementary School has to say about Mrs. Scott:

“Mrs. Scott always goes above and beyond for her students. She goes all out on dress-up days and has a positive attitude that is contagious to everyone around. She is always making us smile here at Bramlett, and she truly helps to make our school a great place to work!”

“ALWAYS has a positive attitude. She makes each and every kid feel special when they pass her in the hall. She is a breath of sunshine!”

“She is always so happy and willing to help in any way needed.”

“Mrs. Scott’s enthusiasm about everything at school is contagious, and the children really try their best for her.”

“Lisa is always happy and energetic. She loves the students and encourages them to grow.”

“Lisa has a smile and an encouraging word for everyone—both teachers and students—she sees during the day.”

“I love Mrs. Scott’s positive attitude; she has a sense of joy about her all the time!”

“Lisa is a ray of sunshine wherever she goes. She certainly brightens up the hallway in the mornings as children are coming in. She speaks to everyone and has a wonderful attitude. I see her work very hard in her kindergarten position. I think her selfless attitude of taking the time to brighten someone’s day and the personal connection she makes with the children is worthy of being recognized.”

“Always putting a smile on kids’ AND the faculty’s faces!”

“Lisa is always friendly and helpful to EVERYONE!”

“Mrs. Scott has an easy-going personality, and the children love her. Her brightness in spirit shows every day with the way she interacts with them. She is always optimistic and uplifting.”

Congratulations, Mrs. Scott! You’re a great representative of the #ChargerNation.

Congratulations to our OSD Employee of the Week, Lisa Scott who is a teacher assistant at Bramlett Elementary...

Posted by Oxford School District on Monday, April 3, 2017