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Students Recognized for Highest Scores on MAAP

group photo of elementary students with highest math scores
Highest scores in Math. Pictured front row, left to right: Vi Nguyen, Linda Zhang, Samuel Ross, Cody Ritchie, John Hill, Walsh Driskell. Back row, left to right: Anderson Shows, Pearce Toms, Yewon Woo, Mary Hale, Alexa Farese, Jackson Stone, Dev Patel.

Oxford, Mississippi (November 30, 2021) — Oxford School District’s November board meeting was standing-room-only as thirty-two students, with their parents, awaited certificates for achieving the highest subject area scores on the Mississippi Academic Assessment Program (MAAP) in 2020-2021. Students were recognized in Math, Science, and U.S. History in 3rd-10th grades on last spring’s Mississippi Academic Assessment Program (MAAP) state tests.

English Language Arts:

  • Augusta Goolsby, 3rd Grade
  • Raymond Sang, 3rd Grade
  • Sophie Liebenberg, 4th Grade
  • Elizabeth Williamson, 5th Grade
  • Henry Oyler, 6th Grade
  • Aubrey Wigginton, 6th Grade
  • Walker Houston, 8th Grade
  • Andrew Atchley, 10th Grade, English II


  • John Hill, 3rd Grade
  • Vi Nguyen, 3rd Grade
  • Cody Ritchie, 3rd Grade
  • Samuel Ross, 3rd Grade
  • Raymond Sang, 3rd Grade
  • Adam Schnugg, 3rd Grade
  • Brec Stone, 3rd Grade
  • Michael Chaney, 4th Grade
  • Walsh Driskell, 5th Grade
  • Dev Patel, 5th Grade
  • Jackson Stone, 5th Grade
  • Linda Zhang, 5th Grade
  • Alexa Farese, 6th Grade
  • Mary Hale, 6th Grade
  • Pearce Toms, 6th Grade
  • Yewon Woo, 6th Grade
  • Anderson Shows, 7th Grade
  • Evelyne Denham, 8th Grade
  • Jinseo Park, 7th Grade, Algebra I
  • Jayden Bruce, 9th Grade, Algebra I


  • Alana Weaver, 8th Grade
  • Caroline Wilson, 8th Grade

U.S. History

  • Fikir Beyene, 10th Grade
  • Walker Dabbs, 10th Grade

Oxford School District reports an additional 233 students who obtained the highest scale score possible.

group photo of students with highest scores in English Language Arts
Highest scores in ELA. Pictured left to right: Henry Oyler, Aubrey Wiggington, Elizabeth Williamson, and Augusta Goolsby.
group photo of secondary students with highest math and U.S. history scores
Highest scores in secondary, Algebra I and US History: Jayden Bruce and Walker Dabbs.