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Modified Calendar: Will OSD Make the Change?

Oxford, Mississippi (June 18, 2019) — In March of 2019, the Mississippi State Board of Education approved plans for the Oxford School District to hold the title of a District of Innovation. Part of the district’s initial application included a modified calendar for 2022-2023.

Despite rumors, Superintendent Brian Harvey reports that it is simply “still in the concept stage and no progress has been made, nor will it be made until a committee makes the recommendation to move forward. We have no plans in place.”

In the fall, a committee will be assembled to begin researching the impacts on current departments, processes, and summer learning loss- the main argument in favor of this modified calendar. In addition, the committee and school officials will seek input from parents, students, staff and stakeholders via a public forum. 

If the committee decides to proceed with this option, a proposal will be made to the Board of Trustees in December 2019 at the regularly called board meeting, which is open for public participation and streamed online for public viewing. If/when that proposal is scheduled, the date will be publicized and the proposal will be available for public review.