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Recording from recent Empower Parent Session for Pre-K & Kindergarten

The following is a recording of the Empower Parent Session held via Zoom on September 30, 2021 for parents of student in Pre-K and Kindergarten.

Video Transcript

We're gonna go ahead and get started this evening. I'm sure we'll have a few other people join us along the way. My name is Jill Knox and I'm your Empower administrator for the the district. We wanted to get together for a Bramlett only parent session tonight because Bramlett has a couple of things that are different than the other three schools. So I just want to make sure that everyone on tonight has a student at Bramlett. If you do not you're welcome to stay and join us, but I just don't want to confuse you for the few things that are different from Central, Della, and OIS. If you are joining us tonight and you do not have a child at Bramlett we are going to post the video from Tuesday night session tomorrow and Mrs. Leonard will share that on social media and youtube and send an email out as well. So this is for Bramlett. We're so excited you all have joined us this evening. Again my name is Jill Knox and I'm the Empower administrator for the district. Also possibly on the call is Mrs. Herrington. She's our Chief Academic officer and Ms. Arbuckle is on the call as well. She is the Director of Standards-based Learning and Professional Development so any kind of questions that your classroom teacher or building level principal can't answer for you Ms. Arbuckle is definitely here to help as well as I am. Okay let's go ahead and get started. So this is the login screen for Empower. You should have received some login information a week or so ago from your child's teacher in their Thursday folder. If you did not receive that information you can email me. I'm going to share my email at the end of the presentation and I can get all of that for you. If you can and you want to minimize your zoom screen and open up an internet browser and walk through these steps with me you're welcome to do that but this is our specific website for Empower. So it's

Every school district that uses Empower has their own site so be very careful. I've had a couple of parents that have had issues logging in and it was because of the the website.

Okay so as soon as you log in this is your parent homepage and the first thing that you'll see is "please select a learner". When you click that drop-down box you should see your student (from Bramlett) name listed there and if you happen to have other children in the district that are at Central, Della, or OIS their name should populate there as well. If by chance it does not, you can email me and I can get those accounts linked so that you just have one login and password for all of your children. So again please "select a learner" and this is the screen that you will see. So you'll see your student's name listed in that box and you will see all of the classes that they're enrolled in at Bramlett. So you should see math and reading. You probably see art, music, pe, those types of things and what I want to do is to go through each button and what does it do and why is it important. Okay so for the first button that you see this particular screenshot that i have has a yellow button. You might have a green button or possibly a red button and that's for pacing. So you're going to see behind pace, on pace, and ahead of pace. Now I will give you a little bit of caution for Bramlett in particular. You probably see for reading and math right now where it says "behind pace" and I don't want you to panic. One thing I know about Bramlett is it takes them a little bit longer to learn how school really works in their building so they took a week or so to really learn how to be a class family and those types of things. So I don't want you to panic that it says behind pace because i'm going to guesstimate that 99% of the school probably says the exact same thing. So probably around Christmas time you'll start to think see things speed up and you'll probably see "on pace" and "ahead of pace" at that point. So that's for pacing.

The second button that you see is for standards. So just know that your child has to meet 65% of the standards to be up for promotion..................................................... for instance this particular kindergarten math class has 20 standards and 13 out of 20 at or above 3 or mastery is what we say at Bramlett that would equal promotion so just kind of watch that button as the year progresses and you should see that number start to grow so that's standards

If you click on the gray standards box this is what you will see. You'll see some very specific things that have been marked a "MA" and for Bramlett and Bramlett only "MA" equals mastered. So in particular this standard M.K.G.2.1 that means that your child can identify 2d shapes regardless of orientation or size and this particular student has mastered that standard. Now the second standard that you see listed M.K.G.2.2 identify 3d shapes regardless of orientation or size and it says "not scored yet". That just means that the teacher has not taught that standard yet. So I don't worry about things that say
"not scored yet". That just means they haven't been taught so you're either going to see "MA" for mastered or you possibly see "NM" for not mastered and we'll talk a little bit more about not mastered in a minute.

So the next button that you see is called the "class log". If you click on the class log you'll see either a list of items if you have notifications that have been scored or you may see a button that just says view all. If you click the notifications and you click the view all button this is what you will see. So this is called the "class log history" and you can do a couple of things here. You can toggle between classes. So where i have that first arrow it says 13 K math. 13 just means the section that they're enrolled in PowerSchool so don't let that bother you. Then that's kindergarten math. If you click that down arrow it'll show you things like reading art music and so on. This particular standard K.G.2.1 2d shapes. This was scored and this child received "MA" for mastered. Now if your child receives "NM" for not mastered you will possibly see some comments here from the teacher kind of explaining what's going on. You know if 2d shapes is the standard then maybe the teacher has listed the shapes that they can recognize and the shapes that they're still lacking. So this is the class log history. Okay the last button on this particular point of view is "the plus sign" and this just shows you a different view of the pacing meter. Remember I talked about pacing being that yellow button at the beginning. So this just shows the pacing meter and you can see that it says on the left hand side that this child is "behind pace" because what it does is it takes the total number of school days and the total number of standards and it just simply does the math that says at this point at 20% of the course being taught this is where your child should be but again don't panic about those things at Bramlett because it just takes them a little bit longer to get started with school and things like that. I have some x's up here you'll never see any content in these boxes at Bramlett. We're just not asking the students to do work in Empower. We are just simply scoring and Empower.

Okay so I've talked about a couple of things. I've talked about scores. So "MA" for Bramlett equals mastered. "NM" equals not mastered and with not mastered you should be able to see a checklist or comments if your child is not mastered a standard. We want to be very clear at Bramlett on what your child can and cannot do at the at the time. So for instance if it is an alphabet standard for reading class it may have a list of the letters that your child can recognize and it shows what letters they are still working on. The final letter is "M" for missing. So if by chance you are out of town for a week or possibly a quarantine situation the teacher might mark the standard as missing if it's scored for the rest of the class and it just means that they will give your child an opportunity once they return to master that standard. So I mentioned about the checklist. I want to show you where to find the checklist in case you see not mastered. Okay so this is the view on the home page and there's a button across the top and it's called the "target browser". Now again this is specifically for Bramlett because your school is the only school that has a checklist associated with the standard. So if you click on the target browser you're going to see a couple of things. The first thing is the drop down box at the top I have picked specifically mathematics for kindergarten. So you may have to toggle between mathematics and English language arts, but make sure you have picked the correct subject and you're in the correct grade. For instance, if you have a child in kindergarten make sure the "K" is checked and not the pre-k. Down at the bottom you're going to see these standards that are associated with mathematics for kindergarten and you see a couple of different things. The first thing that you see is the standard code and if you're to hover over that code it'll tell you specifically what your child has to do to master that standard. Then you're gonna see in the bottom left "MA" for mastered. So once your child has mastered that standard it will show up in a but if it happens to show up in "NM" for not mastered the next thing you're going to look for is this 5 out of 5 but if your child has a 0 out of 6 you can click on that and you can see the checklist associated with that standard. So again this is M.K.G.2.1 talking about 2d shapes but at the top I notice all of these things up here. The one you're looking for is called a checklist. In particular if I click on this checklist I can see my student's name populate here and I see that they can recognize square, triangle, hexagon, circle, and rectangle. Now if your child received "NM" for the standard they might have one thing checked or two things checked but not all of them. So that way you would know at home you could help your child recognize a square and a triangle if that's the missing pieces.

So a couple of frequently asked questions that I received over the last two weeks. I do not see all of my children in the drop down box again. I'm going to show you my email address in a moment and you can email me and I can get that taken care of for you. The second question is I cannot log in or I forgot my password again. You can email me. I don't have the ability to actually see your password but I can reset your password for you and then of course you can change it once you log back in. Is there an app for Empower? Unfortunately the answer to that is no not at this time. Empower is working on an app but currently it is a struggle to see Empower and see content for your child on a mobile device. So I would suggest using an iPad if your child is home and quarantined and the iPad has come home. Use the iPad use an internet browser on your laptop or your desktop and that's the best way to to see your child's information at this time and who do I contact for issues with Empower? Specifically at Bramlett you can contact Mrs. Sapp or Mr. Goolsby. They can both help you. Their email addresses are on the screen. If you do not have those already you might want to jot those down. They're very versed in Empower as well as the classroom teacher so my suggestion is to start with the classroom teacher and if they can't help you normally they will send your information to me and i can definitely help but Mrs. Sapp and Mr. Goolsby can help you as well. Last but not least. These are email addresses for myself, Jill Knox, Mrs. Herrington, and Ms. Arbuckle. All three of us can also help you. Feel free to give me a call to central office and they can transfer you to us. There's moments when I may not be at my desk, but leave a voicemail and I will call you back within the day. I will i'll definitely do that but an email is probably the quickest way to get in touch with me.

I am going to stop sharing and open the floor for any questions at this time. If you have anything pressing specifics to Bramlett you're welcome to unmute yourself. If you do not have any questions you're welcome to hop off. I knew this would be a quick zoom and I don't want to take up too much of your time, but i am here to help if you need something.

Uh hi uh I'm sorry I joined very late. No that's okay. Can you send me this recording? Yes Mrs. Leonard is going to post this recording for specifics to Bramlett tomorrow as well as the recording from Tuesday from Central, Della, and OIS and it'll be posted on the district's youtube channel but she'll send that out in a in a parent email. okay okay thank you Anyone else have any questions or concerns that I can help with tonight? I have a question. So has Empower been fully updated so is it up to date as far as you know where the child is at? Yes so as of today, kindergarten and PreK Bramlett have both inputted scores for reading and math. I met with the specials teachers earlier this week and they have inputted scores. I would say specifically by the end of the week, next week before progress reports go home, everything will be a 100% up to date, but i did meet with kindergarten yesterday and they scored a few more standards but the the classroom teacher can speak probably a little more specific to that with your child and whether or not there are scores that are still missing.

Thank you. Of course. Anyone else have a question?

Okay, going once, going twice.

Okay well we appreciate you joining us tonight. I know this was fast, but I definitely didn't want to take up a lot of your time but I do want you to stay informed and know where your child is and know where they're headed in at Bramlett. So if you have any questions or concerns again feel free to email me or call me at central office. If I don't answer leave me a voicemail. We want you to stay informed as a parent and have all the information that you need. So thanks again for joining us tonight and this recording will be posted tomorrow have a great night.