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Recording from recent Empower Parent Session for Grades 1-6

The following is a recording of the Empower Parent Session held via Zoom on September 28, 2021 for parents of students in grades 1-6.

Video Transcript

All right... good evening everybody. We are glad that you are here with us tonight. If you can hear me if you'll just give me a thumbs up so I'll know. Perfect! Thank you so much this is, Marni Herrington, I'm excited to be here with you. Mrs. Knox has already started sharing her screen to get the presentation ready so i will not take up much of your time. I want to thank you for being here and wanting to learn a little bit more about our new platform called Empower which we're excited about. Mrs. Knox as your graphic says right there is our Empower Administrator. Ms. Arbuckle is also here with us tonight Mrs. Knox we'll be here to walk you through the program see if you have any questions and then at the end i will open it up and see how how else we can help support as we transition over to this new platform. So i will turn it over to Mrs. Knox at this time and she'll help walk you through some of the parents side of Empower.

Okay so if you can hear me go ahead and give me a thumbs up i want to make sure you can hear me. Okay great. So i'm very excited to be able to share with you tonight a little bit about Empower and the parent view. The one thing i want you to know is that if you have any issues or any questions as i'm going through the presentation tonight, just be sure to jot them down I'm going to give you some time at the end to ask any questions since the chat is not available. So i'm going to go ahead and get started and what i would like for you to do tonight is if you have the capabilities to log in to minimize your zoom screen and log into Empower and kind of walk through this with me that would be great. If you don't that's perfectly fine you can watch we are recording this evening so that you can go back and watch the video at a later date if you need to.

So this is the home screen for Empower if you just google empower you are gonna come up can you see that (technically issue being fixed)

okay so let's sit here hold on one second we seem to have some issues

i'm gonna stop sharing for one second hold on one moment

let's try one more time

Okay there we go. So if you google Empower Learning there's going to come up all kinds of different logins and website information. Every school district has a separate web address. So oxford school district's empower web address is and a couple of parents i've had contact with this week have had issues with the website in particular and that could be the first problem that you might have. So it's always and this is the login screen that you're going to see. We sent login information home in Thursday folders with your students a couple weeks ago. If you're having issues with getting logged in, or you received an account but your spouse did not receive an account, or a guardian or whatever the case may be you can always email me i'm going to show my email address at the end of the presentation and you can email me and i can get you your login information. So if you are able to minimize your zoom screen and log in with me you can go ahead and log in at this time and this is what you're going to see as soon as you log in. So this is what I call the parent home page so the first thing you're going to want to do is make sure your name is in the top right hand corner and I've cut that out of the picture I have on the screen. The second thing you're going to do is click please "select a learner" in that drop down box. So in that drop down box you should see any child pre-k-6 that you are a parent or guardian for in the district. Now if you are missing some children or you only see one child but you have a child at another school I can get those kids connected to you so you just that's another thing you can email me about and I can take care of. So here's the next screen you're gonna see once you click your child's name so where I've drawn the red arrow you'll see your student's name in that box and then you will see a list of all the classes that your child is enrolled in in Powerschool. So for this particular screen I've scrolled down and i've found the math class for this child so if you want to scroll down and find your math section for your child that's where we're going to start tonight.

So looking at that particular section we're going to talk about all the buttons that you as a parent want to know about and what do they mean. So the first button we're going to look at is that blue button right there that says "on pace". So for you, you may see behind pace, on pace, and ahead of pace and this is something that our parents have been asking for for a while now to really know where their child is in regards to the school year itself and whether or not they're on pace with not only their classmates but the standards that have been taught up until that point. So that button says on pace for this child so in their math class they are on pace for promotion at this time. The next button it says 3 out of 20. So this button is talking about the standards for this particular math class. So there's 20 math standards for this child and for promotion your child needs to meet 65% of the standards. So for example for this math class your child would need to meet 13 out of the 20 at 3.0 or above. So we know that 3.0 is mastery for 1st-6th grade so we want to make sure we're keeping an eye on that button as well now if I click on that particular button that says 3 out of 20 this is what it shows me.

It gives you a list of all the standards for math that your child needs to master. So it shows me a couple of different things in the green boxes it shows me the overall score for that standard. Now you see this child has a 4.0 a 3.5 and one box that says not scored yet. If you come across a box it says not scored yet that means that the teacher has not taught that standard yet. You may also see in that box that it says "IP". That's something new but that just simply means "in progress". That means the student has started working on that standard but until they have 3 scores and Empower. It's going to show you "IP". So I don't want that to alarm you. I had a parent email earlier this week and said "I see IP what's wrong?" So make sure you know ip just means in progress there's nothing wrong with that. So the next thing you see is i'm looking at M.4.NBT.3

So the standard code probably means nothing to you as a parent but you want to know what your kid needs to be able to do to master that standard. Well there's a simple phrase there that you used to see on the progress report and report card and it says rounding multi-digit whole numbers. So that's what your kid is doing for that particular standard. If you want to see the evidence so what a teacher may call pieces of evidence or your child may tell you mom i have three pieces of evidence in my math class for multi-digit whole numbers this is what they're talking about. If you click on evidence, this is what you see. So I see that this teacher has 3 pieces of evidence in for this child and I see the blue boxes. So you can see the blue box for your child that is your student's score and they're always going to have a goal score of 3.0 because as you know with standards-based learning 3.0 equals mastery so anything 3.0, 3.5, 4 those are all great scores. So in that blue box is what this child has scored so this child has scored a 4.0 for the first piece of evidence a 4.0 for the second piece and a 4.0 for the third piece of evidence. So let's keep going. The next button that you see on the line for a math class is what's called the "class log". You may have a notification there so you may see a red button that says a two or a four this just means that the teacher has inputted new pieces of evidence and has scored them and you can go in to look at those. So the old school way in PowerSchool you might have got a notification on your phone with teachers putting in scores and such. This is just the Empower way of showing you these new pieces of evidence that have been inputted. Now this particular child doesn't have a notification number above the class log button and it's only because I had already clicked on it so all you have to do to see what the class log looks like is click the button that says "view all". So if i click view all this is what I see okay this is just a little bit more information for you as the parent from that previous viewer we just saw those three yellow buttons where it said 4.0, 4.0, 4.0. So here under the class log you can toggle between different classes you can go from English to math or math to science. You can see the achieved score that I've put an arrow above so this child on this particular summative for unit 2 in math scored a 3.5 for NBT.4 which is adding and subtracting and then they scored a 4.0 for NBT.3 which is rounding multi-digit whole numbers.

All right one more button. This is new again I talked to you a little bit about on pace. So the plus sign will show you the actual pacing meter for the class itself and your child. So this is what you'll see if you click the plus button. You'll see on the left hand side a target growth. So all this means is they've taken the total number of school days and they've taken the total number of standards and they've put them together and said by "x" date your child should be this far along. So far we're about 20% the way through the course itself for math and you can see on the in the blue bar you see where this particular child is in connection with the number of standards in the number of days. So as long as it's blue I would not worry but if things start to change colors I would probably contact the classroom teacher. If that button says "behind pace" I would probably contact the classroom teacher and just ask you know what's going on. It could be missing work. It could be that they are need to make up a summative or that a score hasn't been entered but i would definitely ask some questions. I've put some x's in the next couple of boxes. You're not going to see anything in "next up" "class activities" or "missing activities" this school year that's another component of empower we're just not there yet we are only scoring it in power we're not actually creating activities for our children to complete and Empower at this time.

Just a little refresher for you what types of scores might i see for pieces of evidence- a 4, 3.5, 3, 2, and 1 those are just your basic traditional SBL scores. You might also see IP which I mentioned earlier just means "in progress" and after three scores have been entered the students will receive an overall score for the standard and ip will be replaced with the number. You could also see "M" for missing. I'll give you a second to jot down any questions that you may have so far since I've covered all the buttons that you as a parent or guardian will need to know.


Let's talk about a couple of frequently asked questions that I've received emails about over the past week. I do not see all of my children in the drop down box. If that's the case you can email me. I'm going to show you my email address in just a moment. I cannot log in or I forgot my password. I do have the ability to reset your password. I cannot see what your password is once you have changed it from the original password that was sent home, but i can reset your password. So if that's the case you can email me and we can reset it together. Is there an app for Empower? I know I've had a couple of parents say that Empower's not very mobile friendly. There is not an app for Empower at this time, but they are working on it so the news that I'm hearing is that it's coming it's just not here yet. So I would suggest using your iPad or a laptop or a desktop with an internet browser at this time because there is no app. Who do I contact for issues with Empower? So here are a couple of faces that you probably recognize these are building level principles. At Central, Della, and OIS they can be your first line of defense other than the teacher. So Mrs. Bigham is at Central and you can jot down her email address if you need it. Ms. Calhoun is that Della and Mrs. Cage is at OIS all 3 of those principles are very versed in empower and if they cannot help you i absolutely can help you.

So these are email addresses for myself, Mrs. Herrington, and Ms. Arbuckle. So if you need us we are more than happy to help you as well. You can jot down our email addresses. I can absolutely help you with anything Empower related, Ms. Arbuckle can help you with anything standards-based learning, and as can Mrs. Herrington.

So i know that that was pretty quick. I'm gonna make sure I can share my screen now I know that was quick and I said a lot of information really fast, but if you have any questions you can send me an email you can call central office and they can transfer you to me. I may not always be at my desk but you can leave me a voicemail and I will absolutely get back to you. If you do not have any questions at this time you are more than welcome to hop off. I do want to give a couple of minutes to ask any questions that are Empower related. Of course if it's standards-based learning related you can always email Ms. Arbuckle okay so if you have any questions you're welcome to unmute yourself and ask away.

okay going once going twice

Miss Alexander do you have a question? No? All right great. Well this recording will be posted later this week if you need some help with the steps again i'm happy to get an email or call from you and i'm more than happy to help so thank you so much for joining us tonight we greatly appreciate all the support and help and if we can do anything for you please let us know. All right thank you. Thank you.

Hey Jill hey Angel Smith here. I'm sorry I was having a hard time getting off mute. I didn't have a quick question thank you for the information very very helpful to uh to us as we learn this new grading platform. I have a question about the actual assignments are those actually loaded in Empower? You know if you click on you know the actual assessment can we see the work so that we can see the mistakes that are being made maybe coach that at home particularly I'm thinking more along the lines of math.

Can you tell me where what school your child is at? Slay is at OIS. So at this time that the short answer is no. At no school can you see the actual pieces of evidence Empower but in particular at OIS you can always log in um as a parent to Schoology and see those evidence if you need some help getting in that or some i don't know how to help you with that no no no okay i just didn't know if it was going to be tied i was trying to save myself a step again i'm in power that would simplify no worries.

Yes in the future that is definitely our plan is to get the pieces of evidence connected. We just we gave our teachers one piece at the time. Sure absolutely thank you so much ma'am. Thank you!