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End of 1st Nine Weeks and a Message from the Superintendent

Oxford, Mississippi (October 26, 2020) — Tomorrow, October 27th begins the 2nd nine weeks period, and we are welcoming back over 480 virtual students to our campuses this week. Students, Staff, and Parents have done an incredible job with social distancing, face coverings, and self-reporting illnesses. Our Covid numbers remain low each week. Our Covid and quarantine reports are updated each Monday with the previous week's numbers. Keep in mind, that "quarantine" simply describes those who have been identified in contact tracing, these are not positive cases. To review this dashboard each week, visit

Online Learning

The online learning system for the 2020-21 school year was built based on parent survey responses from the online learning system we used in the spring due to school closure. Providing daily live teaching sessions for online students was a priority and has been improving our online learning system.
The overall satisfaction score (on a scale from 1-5) for the OSD student online learning experience was 3.77. 

As with any new system, there are hurdles we’ve had to overcome. Secondary teachers have had to adapt their practices due to Schoology (our learning management system) not functioning properly at all times. Students have limited social interaction with their peers. Teachers (especially elementary) have had to be creative in providing social-emotional learning experiences for their online learners.

Report Cards

OSD will issue progress reports/report cards on November 3rd instead of Thursday, October 29th, due to the number of students that transitioned back to face-to-face instruction during the first nine weeks.  Student transitions require schedule adjustments in Power School and transferring grades among sections.  Thank you for your flexibility with this unforeseen delay.

Superintendent Brian Harvey We made it!

When we began school in August, I can honestly say that many of us expected another school closure to be right around the corner. But it wasn't. Many of us thought we would be closed by Labor Day. But we weren't. We dug our heels in and did what we had to do to make school happen.

Rules are never fun, but the guidelines set in place by the Department of Health and the CDC have protected us. Even though we grow weary of the masks and social distancing, we have provided some normalcy for our students. We may never know what could have happened without these restrictions, but we can be thankful that we have not faced tragedy. 

Our teachers and staff are overcoming incredible challenges and I want to encourage our parents and students to extend your appreciation to them. 

Thanks for a great nine weeks, 

Brian Harvey
Superintendent, Oxford School District